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Stäni Steinbock / Blog

Long time no blog, eh?

Hi folks! It's already a couple of years since my last blog, and all those marketing experts tell me to write a blog regularly, so here I go again! last year (2013) was a great one for me, gigwise: I broke all my records (no, not the vinyl and CD ones!) by playing an unprecedented amount of gigs: Fifty with the Runaway kantele, to be precise, but also a handful of gigs with Bluesorkestern Ragnar. This year there'll be less kantele gigs, since the first four months (= 1/3 of the year) of 2014 were spent emptying my dad's apartment of at least 20 000 books plus furniture etc. Thus I didn't have much time for marketing, and this winter I got a day job 5 days a week which I can't refuse. I've already started doing it: Driving kids to and from school. So let's see what this winter brings. Not expecting any diamond rings, though...

Fans, fans, fans - or colleagues?

Dear readers,

of course it's nice to see that people from all of the world become fans of me, or rather my music. The puzzling part of this is: At least 99,9% of these new fans are, in fact, also music makers, many of which write/play music I clearly like. Then there are other people fanning me whose music is far away from my tastes, and in those cases the question arises: Do they really want to become my fans because they love my music or is it just a means of getting more exposure for themselves? I don't mind people fanning me even for getiing more exposure for their music, because that's probably why Reverbnation is there, but, er, should I fan people back even though their music doesn't interest me very much? There are genres where the artists that make music that interests me are very few, maybe mainly rap and heavy metal, even though I certainly respect the skills and creativity of these people. Some of it just doesn't touch my heart, so to speak. Any comments?

The Tomson Project
The Tomson Project  (almost 4 years ago)

I personally fan:
- people I know, regardless of whether I like their music or not
- artists/ bands whose music I really like, even if I don't know them...
and then there are a few, like you, who fit into both categories... :-)

Stäni Steinbock
Stäni Steinbock  (almost 4 years ago)

Oh, thank you! Thanks for those kind words!

Waltzes on National TV!

Dear visitors,

don't like to brag (although I understand it's what you should do on a page like this) but I just got the annual royalty check from TEOSTO (the Finnish Composers' Copyright organisation) and in the specs I read that two of my waltzes (!) have been used on Finnish National TV in 2008:

-The Vampire Waltz (don't know which version cos there's this theatre version that's on this page, and a Kra version at www.cdbaby.com/kramusic).

And the other one was:

-A Battery-Powered Sea-Villain (which hasn't been published yet, so they must have used a demo version. I probably should upload it here soon?

Other than that, my only song in Danish, "Svaneke er en dejlig by" (Svaneke is a lovely town) was played on Danish radio in 2008.

Finns reading this may want to ask YLE (The Finnish Broadcasting Company) to play more of my music.

Expected error - automatic answers

It's now well over a month since i've been able to access my MySpace page. I have written letters to MySpace, but they have only sent me automatically generated responses about what to do if i forget my password (which I haven't).

Thing is: MySpace is free, I haven't paid for it, so I can't expect them to do anything.

And: It's not just me, but all MySpace users on Åland. We've been "blocked" from MySpace because our language is Swedish (as established by the United Nations!) even though Åland is Finnish territory.

So now we suffer for our mother tongue - cos we're a minority!

MySpace used to be available for us, and we built our pages there - now we can't access MySpace at all!

Thanks to Reverbnation for not doing this trick to us!

Unexpected Error?!

For several days now I haven't been able to open my MySpace pages, nor most other MySpace pages either, that I've tried.

I only get a message saying that an "Unexpected Error" prevents me from it. It's reported to have been forwarded to the tech people at MySpace, but it's been like this for a week soon!

So for me, it's become an "expected error" instead.

Other people have reported that they've been able to watch the video of Tribal Pursuit that I uploaded recently, but I can't.

I also tried to access my pages via another computer (at the local library) but no go, which makes me think what's wrong isn't really in my Mac, phew (?).

If you want to try, it's:


I'd love to get some reports and of course also feedback on the music and the video!

Video attraction

Not many days ago I posted a video onmy MySpacepage. A friend had done it using music from my band's (Kra) newest CD "Guttural Shock" (available on http://www.cdbaby.com/kramusic ) and short film segments of his then 3-year old daughter.

I liked the film, but wasn't prepared for it pulling over 300 visitors to my MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/steinbockstani in just a few days!

Now the next question is: Will a percentage of those people find my CDBaby page and buy downloads?

Time will tell.

Gregorian chant

Today I attended the first day of two at a course about Gregorian chant. Very very interesting. Our teacher is Pia Skibdal who's been an opera singer but left the whole opera world to devote herself to Gregorian chant only.

For the first two hours we sang just one note but with different vowels.

Fascinating stuff!