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New song Diggin' On You

Hey there and a happy new 2016 to all of you!

It's been long time comin' but we're getting closer every day!

New music will surface during 2016 and while you're waiting here's a bonus track for ya!


Busy Days...

Hello Los Angelinos!

The forthcoming new Angeline E.P is soon finished. There will some more mixing then mastering.

And by the way... it totally rocks;)


Angeline Top 10

Angeline is currently at no. 5 at Bengas sales list RAWK/Angeline http://www.bengans.se/Toplist.aspx?toplist=music

Finally! The Angeline app

Now you can take us with you anywhere:-)

Get the Angeline app here...


Confessions from my heart

Hey! There is a brand new song by Angeline uploaded at our myspacepage... just follow this link. http://www.myspace.com/angelinetheband RAWK ON//Angeline

New song in the making!

Hello friends! Angeline is working on a brand new song "Another night withou you". We hope to finish is asap. Stay tuned//The Boys

Hello Hello!

Is there anybody out there? Well here we are in full bloom! Please check out our songs and official homepage. Don't be afraid to comment on our music, good or bad! Anyway we hope that you like what you hear and hurr y back for more;-) See you // Angeline