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About Hustle Loyalty

Hustle Loyalty was my first studio song and it featured Jay riq. Produced in alter records by Ben bunyan, the song took me to great heights in the music having being received well by fans...

The song was inspired by the kind of hustle i had to go trough before i had enough funds to pay for recording. My parents never supported me in anything music and without a record deal it was pretty hard for me to record. I thank God tho' that i pulled trough. No matter what you go trough, just persevere, people will talk but just keep doing what you do best... When you make it in life they will be right their besides you praising and popping champagne with you.

Random Note To Emcee's

Hae fellow poets, thought of writing you a random note with random thoughts/bt b'liv me its not on the low/got more flow; than a decades reasoning of sum' O you.

Niggers listening to weezy Music? Big as he is the nigger is lil' I now got it why u guys got baby rhymes/you need to be rammed en here comes the bull//Hey kid, don't confuse that with Illuminati when my illumination becomes soo bright/en your spotlight too dark/Swallow that pie en bounce yah' *ss off else you provoke ma revolver into motion.

Crappy shit i know/it's what's in yah mind, careful coz yah little mind can't synthesize this/it's a preserve to the mighty/i on top with only one on top O me, almighty.

wat you eat determines your health/high time emcee's scramble for my poo/be the shit like me en keep yah' ladies at bay/or let me keep 'em forever in my bed.

Random vibe gets a chick pissed/ryme gets n*gger dissed/poke gets a dummy kicked/rap gets star killed/shot gets yah' chick nailed//Dump-ass im talking bout Random.

Sticking to random keeps ma' mind running/rymes pumping leaving me exploding/pray i don die/if i do hiphop dies/self-made street-king i know i woun't die/wen i do don bury me in a jewelry store/cremate me keep ma' ashes in a sony box,laid on a deck, fumed with smoke//keep me stoned/chicks, gimme a booty shake for that.

Stormed your yard/was random too pinned yah mama'//wasn't ma plan/thats random too Kill yah dominance/random Act Dismantle yah jaw/O'll in a random Blow

watch me stretch my hands, grab some random birds in the air/pluck their feathers use 'em to fly high/the hard way than being stoned/guts doing that//don try with yah lil' balls/u'll get balled, flicked en kicked high//it's how toddlers get high//

I'm a peddy O ma class/wen you on stage forget ma name/it'll just giv' me another excuse to brag ma rymes on a blunt brat¡¡¡

unsigned///coz its just a random note/mc's take note as you take notes/a lion just uncaged en may get on stage anytime soon//keep yah knees bent en rosary at hand that you may no be on stage~~~~~®®®