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Good to be back on the grind! The new and improved band is better than ever! Im especially stoked about having a ligitimate drummer that is fucken killer and not just someone who bangs away at drums and calls himself a drummer! Also found a youngster of a bassist! Only 16 but can play his ass off! So to everyone by our side, we wont let you down! And to all the naysayers, wait till you hear the new stuff... When you focus on the music instead or working in reverse and putting the music last, it'll show...

Former band member bitterness

Hey everyone, there's been a lot of questions asking if ABNIK broke up or disbanded? the answer is NO! We recently let go of our fill in drummer, name not important, simply because he lacked the MUSICAL TALENT to perform live and continue with ABNIK. As a result, the music suffered tremendously and we had to part ways with him. But be aware that he is not in ABNIK at all. He was just a fill in drummer and although he is running his mouth telling everyone that the band broke up, it is untrue adn it sucks for him because he also burned a lot of bridges for us. With a shitty attitude like that, its gonna bite you in the ass!!