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We are in need of artwork for our new run of shirts, albums, posters, stickers, buttons, patches, stencils, cave drawings, etc.

If you are interested in submitting your art, please open a dialogue with us at japgamsho@yahoo.com.

We don't like to work for free, and we are sure that you feel the same. Therefore please expect just compensation for your art.

We are serious. There are no guidelines for content. All we ask is that you include the name 'Japanese Game Show' in some way, shape or form. Please do not submit anything with more than four colors, as it is more complicated for us to reproduce the image using our home-made silk screen press. Also, there are no specific formats of dimensions that we require that you send.

Again, if you are interested in submitting your work, please send it to us at japgamsho@yahoo.com.

We love that you would consider contributing to our craft. Please, only serious discourse regarding the subject. Thanks!