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My Banjo

Hello there, I play a Barclay long neck banjo that I bought from Moondog music in the beginning of 2014. It used to belong to Jim Marsh from Grass It Up, he was working at the shop as well when I got it. See, I had a neighbor who was very supportive of my music that passed away just prior. I was a bit distraught and is family gave me his old Grateful Dead shirt, on it is a skeleton playing a long-neck. Now I never had a G.D. shirt and fully understand the band and considered it an honor to inherit a shirt from such a close friend. When I saw my banjo at the shop the next day and picked it up it was such a magical experience that I had to play it more. I had some good work at the time and they gave me a good price so I picked it up the next day and took it to Manitou with me. The first time I played my banjo in Manitou (which was my third time plaing a banjo.) My friend Adrian remarked that I sounded like a banjo player, it felt and sounded natural. Later that day after I picked up a few cords a couple friends came over and swore to me tat I was a better banjo player than guitar (I've played for 13 years now.) Later on that week the man who pioneered the long-neck banjo and one of the greatest folk singers ever to walk this Earth, Mr. Pete Seeger passed away firmly cementing my resolve to continue on with my newly acquired banjo. Since then I have had such a magical confidence with my banjo on my knee that I carry her with me at all times and have done nothing but sing for my supper as the saying goes and I am very excited to see what the future holds for my banjo and me! Quyana, Iggy Igloo

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