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Look n 4 Submissions



Weather ur in AZ or out side of AZ submit ur music if ur serious to contactricothetruth@yahoo.com!!!!! If not go ahead and stay in the box jack!


S/O 2 all the new followers thats fuck n wit ur boi! I appreciate it all. And i hope u all keep up the grind u all got going.


The Unsigned Tour are looking for new Talent. Great opportunity for Singers, Face Models, Rappers, Bands. Apply now at: http://www.unsigned201.com


Pls vote for me to be accepted for The Unsigned Tour. This is a great opportunity for Singers, Rappers & Bands. Visit: http://www.unsigned201.com/vote

New Joints Coming Soon!

I got a couple new joints coming here soon for yall! Its some original projects i think u all are gonna dig! Hope yall ready!


Just did this lil show wit the homie Edott aka Y.B. Shout to Knezzy too! Yall Keep up that movement yall got going! #SALUTE

Thank U All!

Just wanted to S/O and thank everyone for they support. If it was'nt for u all this would'nt be possible. I really do appreciate the luv. And please keep support n me and this thing i got going that i call that #REALHIPHOP


dont forget to stop by soundcloud.com @ Rico The Truth and check me out too.....

Singles Available For Purchase

Dont forget to buy the singles available! Steady Mob n Steady Hustle n & The Hook Up! Get em for under $2.00! Support Real Hip Hop!