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Anchored - Track Two

My first solo EP titled Anchored releases on all digital platforms in less than 2 days. Each day leading up I am writing about my experience for each song on the EP as I wrote them. Tonight, it is track two, the title track, ANCHORED’s turn. This story is a bit of a doozy, so stick with me through this because it’s a goodie :)

Since I was 15 I’ve had this idea for my first tattoo. I always planned that the day I turned 18 I was going to get it. It was going to be an anchor with the scripture Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor to the soul, sure and steadfast…” and the words “Sure & Steadfast” in that tattoo. Everyone who was close with me knew I wanted to get it. I’d dreamed about it for years. I ended up graduating high school early through an independent study program, so I graduated when I was 17 and I put aside all of my graduation money for this tattoo. I had gone to tattoo appointments with friends, met many tattoo artists, weighed my options heavily, and knew who I was going to go to. 3 months later when I was about to turn 18, I felt the sudden urge not to get it anymore. Cold feet? Maybe. But it was deeper than that for me. I was struggling with whether God wanted me to get this tattoo. I see now that it was a test of obedience. I decided to listen to God, and my intuition, and held off on getting the tattoo. It slipped through my mind really quickly after that. My desire to get the tattoo diminished into close to nothing. Now, fast forward almost two years. I have my first big 40 day tour booked, I’ve done a band name change, and I’m writing my first solo EP. In the midst of all of that, I’d found a new church of which I could call my home. I was talking to a buddy of mine there who has quite a bit of tattoo work done (remarkably good tattoo work might I add) and he referred me to his tattoo artist. My boyfriend and I went in two days later to meet him at his shop. What started as my boyfriend going in just to talk about his tattoo piece he had in mind turned into an awesome time of ministry and conversation about life. All the sudden, my old Hebrews 6:19 anchor tattoo came to mind with a new desire to get it. I had been through so much this past year, good and bad. I had faced so many storms in my life. This verse took on a new meaning to me in that moment. He was my anchor, and I had hope for the future. I all the sudden wanted the tattoo again. Within weeks I’d made an appointment, after much prayer. I had peace about the whole thing, getting the tattoo, the timing, the detail of the piece, and the person doing it. The night before my tattoo, I took out my guitar and started to write. I was going to San Diego the next day as well to work on song 3 of 4 for the EP, and I felt the need to write it before I went, instead of in the studio. With my tattoo heavily weighing on my mind and the verse that went with it, with everything I’d been through last year, (it was January 3rd when I wrote it so it was the beginning of the new year!) I wrote an entire new song called Anchored in about 5 minutes flat. The next morning, I got my tattoo (which turned out amazing) and went straight to San Diego and spent two days finishing it. Now here comes the crazy part…

The day after I got home from San Diego with this new song, with 20 days left until the Manic Drive VIP Experience Tour of which I’m opening for, I got a call from one of my band members saying he wasn’t able to do the tour due to a new job offer and family obligations. I remember thinking “holy crap… I’m utterly screwed.” What the heck was I going to do?!… 20 DAYS!!! 20 days left before I leave… That’s not enough time!!! And I need to find a new musician to fill this role, learn all the songs, leave their job for 40 days, not to mention many days before for practicing, not make any money, spend 40 days in a van, drive hours upon hours… the list goes on. And I had to find someone who was actually GOOD at playing and learning music that

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