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June 1, 2013: FoWlMoUtH, Heavy Hand & Crappy Dracula @ 1146, Kenosha WI

FUN SHOW. The Crappy Dracs are a smart and funny bunch of guys, glad we got to see 'em and play with 'em for the first time. Heavy Hand kicked ass, and always, great to see them again and we even had a chance to hang out a little bit. FoWlMoUtH had a great time as well, as Rick wouldn't let us pay for drinks. When you're seeing double, a room that's half full suddenly becomes a packed house, so thanks Rick, that got us all pretty excited.

We'll be back at 1146 in August with our pals Victory and Associates fro Oakland, CA and Louisville, KY's mighty Trophy Wives. If you miss that show, you suck. That's all there is to it.


Wannadon't She Said Trunk Full Of Candy Dead Horses Vaguely Intense The Christler Mrs. Ramone Cockadoodledoo Jet Fighter (Baby, I'm An) Old Motherfucker

FoWlMoUtH w/ Tyranny Is Tyranny @ Circle A, Milwaukee, WI May 24, 2013

Wannadon't She Said The Christler Dead Horses Maps and Red Sharpies Vaguely Intense Mrs. Ramone Jet Fighter

Encore: (because the dj wasn't finished setting up yet)

(Baby) I'm An Old Mother Fucker

FoWlMoUtH Motor Alley set list Saturday, May 18, 2013:

Wannadon't She Said Fiona Apple Pie The Christler Trunk Full Of Candy Vaguely Intense Dead Horses Mrs. Ramone Jet Fighter


(Baby, I'm An) Old Motherf*cker Cockadoodledoo