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First CD Sale

I would like to give a shoutout to the first person to purchase my first album. To Lynn Roberson from Inman, South Carolina...my thanks are with you and if you would like, I will send you an autograph to keep with your copy of the cd. Many thanks again and God Bless!


New Album now available for sale

Hey guys and gals,

My first cd/album is now available on my Reverb Nation store. The downloadable mp3 album is 8.00 and the actual cd's are 13.00. Please consider buying one or the other as half the proceeds go to charity to fight childhood hunger. I would like to give a special shoutout to my wife Sherry who designed the album cover art. Thanks a million babe!

Ok Reverbers....I'm out for now. Keep in touch and thanks for the support.



Made it to #2 on the local charts....aiming for number 1 but so far I'm holding steady at #2. Thanks to all those for their prayers and support and to the fans. I couldn't do this without you guys.

Climbing the charts....

Wow...hard to believe in such a short amount of time I've climbed to #3 on the Huntsville country charts. Thanks go out to all my fans who actually gave me the time of day and listened to my recordings and those that have given me feedback. God is good all the time people. Get with it!

First post.

Finally got somewhat signed to a record label...working on getting in some studio time and maybe laying some tracks for my first album.