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Creating an album is fun, but you realize quickly that musicians are usually better at playing music than figuring out art and logistics. I have a lot more respect for labels and producers than I had before. Going to be really happy once the CD is finalized here, so we can get back to work on more great music. Hope everyone is enjoying Sea Fair weekend and can't wait to catch up at our next show.

NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur / Mississippi Fats
NorthernBandit / Burt K. Arthur / Mississippi Fats  (over 3 years ago)

...In the old days of the Music industry...the Record companies that signed Artists were in charge...if a band could write, sing or advertise themselfs the Record company had divisions with in it's boundries to do it all...but it would cost ya lots...some band never made it past their first record...others struggled to finish their contracts...nice thing if you can call it nice for the independant Artist/Band is that it is solely up to you...not a lot of difference between then and now except thers no advances to get you started...it's out of your pocket now! Good luck you guy's...Best Wishes

Mother of God

Its official our CD is fully mixed mastered and is currently being mass produced. All of our mastered songs have been uploaded for your streaming enjoyment. We had a lot of fun creating this CD and hope you like it. Can't wait for the official release in September.

Intruducing the Rainiers

The Rainiers is a psychedelic rock band formed in Seattle in 2012. The members of the band were the former rhythm section of big time blues band Heavy-T and the Blue Notes. Drummer Brenden Swenson, Bassist Augustus Bukowski and Guitarist / Singer Patrick Dwyer. The trio always had the ability to create music beyond blues, and when Heavy-T signed off, the choice was clear. The boys began a journey into heavy, bluesy, outside of the box, music creation. They are currently writing and recording their first album.