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Diamond Eye'd and Dazed

Ya so I was chillin with my son tonight thinking about my friends when I was a teenager who I jammed with and there was a whole group of hippies out by orange lake. I use to play herdrix with tree and met his cousin leaf who's older brother was river and no I'm seriously telling the truth. So anyways it inspired me to write this song about a bright future cut short, a kid Bound for greatness who couldn't handle the scene out in LA anyways the songs called "Diamond Eye'd and Dazed" and to me it's like my opus song just because it's that fuckin good and real to this life cut short! I may make a video but probably won't be the whole song just because and it's only gonna be on the album I'm not releasing it online! And the thing is when you write a song that in your heart you know is bound for greatness it kinda a scary feeling...

great constructive criticism

Are your songs worth the pain you went through? Wow. What a question. I guess that depends on where you place value. I don't think anyone can answer that question but you. Did this project help your heart to heal? I would imagine the answer is yes. For why else would we do it? For isn't that what art is for? To heal our sick souls? I very much enjoyed the music, the guitar playing and chord changes. I listened to every song. Many times I hear stuff and I can barely make it though the first few measures. Your music is melodic and I like that. I would say, from a quick run through of the songs, that my favorite was track 4. I thought it was strongest all around including lyrically. Thank you for sharing your music, talent, and soul with me. Anna Marie

Friend to Black Sheep Son great words

oh my goodness Dylan, They are absolutely beautiful lyrics. I believe they are right from your heart and I did feel your emotions as i was listening. I might even go as far as to say they a few were prophetically inspired by God. I am proud to say I know the artist who delivered this album to the world. Very good job. Hard work done with a full heart is never in vain. Dylan, keep your eyes fixed on our creator, you have a purpose, a greater good in you that you haven't even realized yet. I am and WILL continue to pray a GREATER measure of blessings over your life as you create music that tells a colorful story of your life, your hurts, your loves, your struggles...just pure honesty put to music. Just beautiful Dylan. Love ya brother, Jenn M