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You Bring Out The Best In Me

For the most part for writing this song, I was expressing how grateful I am for this amazing Universe. I remember, getting up so early in the morning from a restless night, but blessed to witness a Sunrise. Just moved. I left Chicago and move to the State of Indiana. My life at that time was filled with so many disappointments and moving at a incredible speed. I was missing out on things that were so important. For instant, taking out time to enjoy life and family and friends, connecting to nature, having peace in my life. So I went outside and sat on my front porch with a cup of herbal tea to watch this amazing event. As the day break, I began to hears birds singing, I haven't heard birds singing in years. I began to realize I was so disconnected with the Universe, the Creator, God, It was almost liked hearing birds singing, the sound of crickets, seeing the morning dew on the grass and flowers for the very first time. I knew, at that very moment that God was reaching out to me as if he was extending his arms to hold me and say to me, Don't be afraid I will never leave you because, "I Love You."