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This is about struggling to make the right decision when you're reeling from an emotional blow.

Conversation Beneath Magnolias

This piece grew out of a visit to my brother in New Orleans, spending a few days together just being brothers. We spent some hours sitting in his back yard beneath a lovely magnolia tree. This music is the unspoken love that is ever present between us.

Tan House on the Corner

I decided last month that my house needed a theme song and this is what popped-out. Perhaps a producer will pick it up for a new TV show. =)

Setting Sail

This was from an inner experience I had many years ago where I found myself in a sailboat being steered by a spiritual traveler upon a cosmic ocean. We sailed to a land of enormous light where I began to consciously explore my true nature as a divine being. This piece captures a little of the joy I felt in starting the journey.

Lake of Dreams

One weekend in the fall I traveled to the NW Wisconsin to help some friends in the construction of their Geodesic home on the shores of a lake. I awoke early on my last day there and walked to the lake's edge. There was a heavy mist over the water. I could hear the sound of birds in the hardwoods growing in the yard, the soft lapping of the water on the rocky shore and the distant call of loons. There was a dream-like quality to the experience, as though I were no longer on the planet.

The Wind Fills with Dandelions

One fine, spring day, I found myself standing in an open field of dandelions in full seed. As I stood there, a breeze came up and the dandelion seeds filled the air. As they swirled around me, I got caught up in the sheer beauty of life in motion and slipped into the present moment, a moment of pure child-like joy and wonder.

Letting Go

There comes a time when I outgrow a concept about myself or life and I have to let it go in order to keep moving forward. Sometimes this is a simple process and sometimes it's a struggle, especially when the concept is deeply ingrained. This piece is about one of those struggles, as represented in this quasi-rondo where the main theme keeps returning in a slightly altered form, culminating in the peaceful resignation of the coda.

Let Love Lead

When I get caught up in my little mental merry-go-round, I do my best to remember the simple direction of 'Let Love Lead'. Then I can let go and let God.


This is a simple song of heart-felt gratitude for all the love in my life. Sheet music available: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/19951169

Sunrise at the Temple of ECK

This is the instrumental version of my song 'The Living Word', inspired by the opening of the Temple of ECK in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It's about being aware of standing on sacred ground.