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JackMantra Review from Rack 'Em Billiards 7-11-14

. Rack'em Billiards – Friday July 11,2014 So Friday night I ventured out into the great unknown to hear a slew of bands that I haven’t heard yet…Jack Mantra being one of them. Hailing from the Tampa, Florida area, this band was the definite excitement for Friday night’s festivities. I listened to them before hand for a little while at work on Friday afternoon and really liked what I heard. So…being the skeptic and musician that I am I said there’s got to be a hook…and I bet you they don’t sound like that live. Well, call me an idiot for thinking that way because these guys were great!! The dynamic quartet took the stage at Rack’ems at 9:30pm sharp and owned it right throughout their set leaving no prisoners. The crowd seemed to evolve throughout the set as well. I observed people laying down their pool sticks to get a gander of the awesomeness that was unfolding on stage. Darell’s vocals soared above the crowd and the energy he portrayed was seemingly precise and substantiated for the eminent relationship he developed early with the crowd. I would actually really like to see collaboration with this band and Fight Another Day as the two bands have very similar sounds and both lead singers have an incredible energy to dictate to this crowd. Backing Darell’s prodigious vocals is the hard-core center of Jack Mantra. Joseph on guitar sets everything into motion with just the right amount of shredding that is most tastefully done followed by the most melodic sound that molested my ears. Joseph has got the right touch of it all. Heading up the backbone of this fantastic quartet is Mike on drums who is precise on every fill with a perfect meter to match which gives Larry on bass a perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible musicianship that he expels all over the stage. These songs have great composition and are tastefully melded into a melting pot of high energy in your face rock & roll…This is music!! And my luck would have it I got one of their CD’s!! I’m thinking you all need to get it too…You’ll be rocking and jamming in your car all the way down I-75!!


JackMantra is now available on iTunes as well as Amazon, CD Baby and Google Play!