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the album is sounding good

we can not wait to bring you all our first album the songs so far are sounding exactly how we planed big news to be announced really soon we love you all and every message fan and comment and listen really means the world to us everyday guys thank you xx

help the band reach number 1

http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kleaves-Official/423150631055696 please like and share the bands facebook page to help us reach more people with our music and to stay up to date wit all the latest news from the band !

kleaves and the music mill

we had the best day ever at the music mill such an incredible place with an out of this world team cant wait to go back on Friday

lead singer of the kleaves stars in Annie get your gun

the lead singer of the kleaves will be appearing as frank butler in Annie get your gun at the princess theatre for TOADS

the kleaves are hard at work

the band are in the process of putting the finishing touches to a new set list for gigs and iTunes as well as C.Ds will soon be avialibel of the bands EP

the kleaves join reverb nation

hi guys we are the kleaves a Torbay rock pop band that love making music hope you like our songs. itunes and c.d. release coming soon