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San Francisco Gaurdian Interview

MUSIC Moira Scar is from the Bay Area, but it would be better to put it this way: from a time and space at the edge of one of Jack Smith's 15-hour performances in a crustacean imaginative nethersphere, the musical entity that is Moira Scar has arrived. The duo's self-released vinyl debut Slink to Intensity is made up of seven songs. Some manifest in frenetic outer space garage sounds. Others conjure sprawling free-jazz fantasy lands just beyond the negative space of a film frame. Slink to Intensity also features three photos of the group's LuLu Gamma Ray and Roxy Monoxide in nakedly wild attire. The spirit of Mary Daly would approve. I recently asked Moira Scar about itself. SFBG Moira Scar moves, but not in a typical running or walking way. it meanders or sallies forth, wiggles like a wildebeest, dances or slinks to intensity. What kind of human or animal actions do you find inspiring, and what reactions do you want people to have to your music? Roxy Monoxide To become your own mystical beast. Still influenced by the made-up animal friends of childhood, along with the ideal that we can somehow stand up with the wild animals of the world and learn to coexist as animals again. But then again, stuck between predator and prey, the tiger mouth chews on her own zebra hinds, kind of like ouroboros. LuLu Gamma Ray Haunting tones of the waddell seals inspire, along with loud boomings of the Lyrebird, which has two sound sources and can produce a far greater variety of sounds than human beings. Animals and plants have wide ranges of emotions, vast intelligence, and can impart important information if only we'd listen. SFBG Can you tell me a bit about the vintage-horror film analog sounds in "You Make Me Scream" and how you made them? LLGR The eerie entrancing sounds are made with a CAT SRM2 70's analog synth's pulse width modulation. I play electronic music and musique concrete in the lineage of Delia Derbyshire, Ruth White, Sun Ra, and David Tudor, as well as other courageous musical astronauts. SFBG What is Moira Scar's favorite Nino Rota score? For me, you also bring to mind the organ sounds in the movie Carnival of Souls. LLGR Nina Rota's cut-up method in Juliette of the Spirits is influential, and also the camp and beauty of organists Korla Pandit and Anton LaVey. Many spirits passed and future possess the vessel's Pelvis and Saphoid, and are warped and distorted through our lens to create the Muse-ick SFBG What do you like about Jean Vigo's L'Atalante? RM The bittersweet realism with poetic montage, the slacker anarchy and feebleness of our lives expressed through human and cat coexistence aboard barge on 1930s Seine and Paris backdrops, with antagonistic relationships and the wise drunken fool; Moira Scar can't help but being romantic in spite of our psycho-depressive tendencies, or maybe because of them. SFBG What drug is most recommended for listening to Moira Scar? RM Moira is the drug. We have been told that we are like watching Forbidden Zone on acid, and some fans enjoy their lubricants while dancing to Scar. But for us the muse possession is the best high. SFBG What is Moira Scar's vision of the future? RM A show with Bambi Lake, M. Lamar, the Deepthroats, and Omnivourous Sinsillium; and us as vegan witches in a world of cannibal zombies. LLGR To wake the audience from corporate hypnosis with insect and alien soundscapes. Realign nutrinos and journey through the wormhole with us! RM and LLGR Transmogrify! MOIRA SCAR With Tongue and Teeth, Deep Teens Aug.

Aquarius Records review of Sink To Intensity

Aquarius Records Review of Slink To Intensity Current mood: aroused Category: Music MOIRA SCAR Slink to Intensity (self-released) cd 9.98 Do you like your rock 'n' roll a little, um, weird? Moira Scar, the catchily jarring new project from Roxy and LuLu of Floating Corpses infamy, touch all the right nerves with their first self-titled release. The opening number, "Salley Meander", sounds like The Crystal Stilts if Brad Hargett sang in falsetto. "You Make Me Scream" channels The Cramps pretty heavily and is complimented by some free-floating psychedelic synths and horns. "Blood Moon" finishes off the first side nicely with more horns, a cacophony of horns, in fact, one that brings to mind the jazzier moments of The Nation of Ulysses or Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes. By far the best track on the record, "Gnu Groove (Wildebeest Wiggle)", opens up the second side. Roxy's vocals flow from falsetto to baritone to passionate screaming all within about ten seconds, riding the wave of jangly guitars and a simple but effective drum beat. Not to mention the awesomely anticlimactic guitar solo..... This record, clocking in at just under 23 minutes, will have you flipping back to side A just after side B spins to a close. Highly recommended!

Slink To Intensity review

Slink to Intensity Embodying the ephermal nature of certain insects, Moira Scar’s music is at once organic, immediate, and similar to nothing that has come before. To call it “avant garde” would indicate that it could be labeled at all, and no other band/entity defies labels to the degree of Moira Scar. A shot of adrenaline in this postmodern landscape, Moira Scar brings together aspects of dada-ism, complex flux-ism, voodoo, conjure and madness, presenting its catharsis beneath layers of glittered soundscapes that will bedevil the listener. New yet somehow ancient, Moira Scar’s Slink to Intensity is like finding lost audio of an unknown tribe of urban shamans. The record in its entirety reveals a wall of complexities assembled with microsurgical precision; nothing is coincidental, and this is not noise. Tracks like “Blood Moon” peek into the midnight dreams of a musical shape-shifter, pulling us without notice from dark jazz filth to manic klezmer romps, while “Gnu Groove” promises to be the intergalactic dance hit for the New Aeon, the vocals slicing through a sonic backdrop like ripping silk, clean lines from high to low. All the way through to “Maggot Dance,” Slink to Intensity is a mutant feast for starving minds, a supernatural buffet of sound for hungry ears. The record, like the live performance, doesn’t simply happen but instead takes place in time, demanding the audience to analyze the here and now, to acknowledge it and draw it forth into the dark invisible. This intergalactic unity of sense and spirit produces a record that can resemble exorcism, frenzied benediction, or cathartic possession- all depending on how you look at it. Using guitars, drums, horns, synth and vox to alchemical effect, Pelvis and Sapphoid- the duo of humanoids who create the channel from which Moira Scar pours- evoke the innocence of demon-children singing lullabies, their presence blurring the line between art and life, between performance and existence. Eradicating any preconceived constructs that foolishly attempt to restrict transmission, Moira Scar is an open channel, a cosmic mystery box that you would trade in all your raffle tickets for. Don’t be scared. Hand over your tickets. Open the box. Daniel LéVesque

East Bay Express Moira Scar Review of Slink to Intensity

Your Daily Lick: Moira Scar Bay Area Bands Kirsty Evans — Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 9:50 AM Comments Slink to Intensity (self-released) Moira Scar is a little reminder of the time when punk was weirder and a lot more fun. Like a deliciously demented hybrid of the New York Dolls, Sonic Youth and dark cabaret — plus some deliberately strange and provocative visuals — they’re like GWAR for art school kids. “Slink to Intensity” sounds like it came straight off the soundtrack to one of the odder French animations, while “You Make Me Scream” has an almost Celtic folksy edge to it. If you’re a lover of all things weird, dark, and kind of twisted, you’re going to adore Moira Scar.