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There's A Time

Last year I suffered serious breathing issues and at one point was pretty sure I was going to die in my sleep. During the recovery of that ordeal this song "There's A Time" came about as a result. It's currently in "rough demo mode" but I love this song CHECK IT OUT!

New Song: Less Traveled By

New song. Instrumentals laid down yesterday. final mix master and vocals hopefully be next week.

Ok vocals have been laid down check it out!

Glorious Day!

"when death is finally defeated and I'll never lose you again..."

The above quote from the song "Glorious Day!" refers to the day in the future when I will see my mother again.

At the point of writing that song I was coming out of my grief. Laying it down at the feet of Jesus rather than bemoaning my loss, being thankful to God for the solution to this crisis of my soul.

I used to call my mother fairly frequently often just to hear her voice. And sometimes I still catch myself reaching for the phone to call her, even today several years after her passing.

Soon I will see her again, hear her beautiful voice again, look into her beautiful eyes again, hold her in my arms and never lose her again! GLORIOUS DAY!