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" It is all an illusion. The grandness and the emptiness. The joy and the pain. This life and this dream. I am floating in this illusion and there is no control. There are no rules. There are just images and feelings. But in this whole chaos, there is ONE being, ' I AM ' that point of experience. Fact !!! yes, I feel, that is the only fact I truly feel from within, something that cannot be doubted. Am i saying something new? Probably not, but to simply say it from feeling changes the whole dynamics.When words are backed with feelings, they touch the ones who are truly open. A part of me Professor, completely hates this human animal, but how can I deny that there is this love, I feel too.I have come so far away, from my real family and i know now, that it truly doesn't matter. But something is calling me back..............and it is a certain pain that manifests time and agin. A feeling of disconnection, from the moment, a pull into a dark silence, the silence that i always hated., Professor. The silence that I always run away from. It is not a real silence Professor, and you know that, don't you? " said Sheeba Butterfly to Professor Adamus .

Just ' A MOMENT '

As i walked alone, on the beach of Goa, I felt like a goddess in the silvery moonlight and the many candle lights of the shacks.As i watched the sea, it seemed to breathe, alive. Felt as though I was watching an ancient energy. Saw the horizon in the darkness. What were they saying? The infinity of the sky and the intensity... of the ocean. I was in touch with my elements. The Goddess of Calm.................