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So we're finally getting back to recording our third album. We've just about finished putting the new songs together and should be recording by late next week. The album is going to be ten songs. The first four are already posted on our Reverb page. The other six have yet to be recorded. We're looking to put this thing out very soon. We are shooting for a late July release as of now, as long as the recording/mixing/mastering goes smoothly. The record will be all rock and roll, or at least our particular brand of it. We'll post more updates as we go along and when the tunes are finished we'll have them up online to preview. We'll be releasing it independently, of course and it will be available on all downloading sites. We'll also have hardcopies available through a few online outlets as well as through us directly and at shows.

Later, First In Space


So after 2 1/2 years we're finally going to do something again. We just finished 4 new songs which we are planning to release as an EP very soon with plans of releasing a second EP later this year. If we finish more new songs sooner than later, then maybe we'll just release a full length (probably 10 songs). We'll see. In the meantime you can enjoy the smooth sounds of First In Space here on Reverbnation. You can always buy the classics 'This Is Not Here' and 'Geronimo' on iTunes, amazon.com, or over at Kool Kat Musik. We're also planning our live return in May with a few other shows to follow in the summer. That's all for now. Later.