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Original Shows Coming UP!!!

It's been a while since we really got to play our originals out, well here it comes ladies and gents. So please come on out and enjoy our hard work and support local music!!! The Villian and Saint show coming up will feature 10 original songs. We are also be performing at the Lubber Run Amphitheater performing a few choice originals!!! HOpe to see everyone there!

More original music coming!

Okay, so we are on our feet now. I'm pretty sure everyone knows we were the awesome players from the Monster Band, now in Pebble to Pearl. We have made our impression with the old fans, the new fans, and hopefully the clubs. We have introduced some of our original music, and now it's time to really take off. We have been working hard on getting our full EP together. We are almost there. We need our fan support, so please pass on the word, share our music, our name, our website, our FB, tweet me, tweet them, tweet everyone, come see a show, buy a shirt, grabs sticker, gel us make a difference!

Fans are more than just a cover charge....

I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the fans, family, and friends that have supported Pebble to Pearl. When I first started this project it was hard. When TMB decided to replace me it was a hard transition. That band was everything to me, my outlet, my expression, my hope and future dreams. For a moment, in frustration, I was quite discouraged. You, the fans, my family and friends reminded me that I contributed so much more to that band than just good music. I have been surrounded and blessed with such great and honest people through my music. I have met so many new friends, that have undoubtably supported the transition. Hanging out at acoustic gigs passing out flyers and stickers (Go Street Team!), contributing website development and advertising help, photography, donations to t-shirt purchases, sponsorship, and attendance to gigs are just a few of the much appreciated help we have received in the last couple months or so. I could have never fathomed how fast P2P would take off. All good things come to an end, and the end of one journey is the beginning of another. What a journey this is! Pebble to Pearl is comprised of the best musicians my heart could have ever asked for. Our chemistry and camaraderie is unsurpassed. I can’t compliment or appreciate them enough, it’s an overwhelming humbleness to work with them. Since the departure from TMB, we have received countless emails and phone calls of shock and dismay. One in particular was from a animal rescue organization. As many know, I own and operate a canine behavior modification and training company, Back in the Pack. Sean and I also volunteer and foster for VA German Shepherd Rescue, and work with many shelters and rescues to help train and re-home unwanted pets. Last year we performed at an annual fundraiser event for a rescue. It was a plus and a bonus to sponsors that the members were involved in rescue. This was one event that I knew I would miss. We met such great people involved in what I love, music and animals. I received such a heartfelt email when they were informed of the band line up change. It brought tears to my eyes to hear that sponsors had spoke of backing out, and attendance was being questioned. I didn’t realize that the impact of our rescue work combined with our musical talent meant so much “more.”. I reassured them that the party would be a success without us, and we would still support them in any way we could. In the end, it worked out. We have since been secured for more performances to benefit their organization, and we continue to be good friends and colleagues. I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing them in the upcoming months. Pebble to Pearl is the next big thing. We are working on originals, updated our cover song list, and have been receiving a great buzz within the music circuit. We can thank our fans, friends, family and colleagues for this immediate rise to the top. I have always hated change but this one is exciting, welcoming, and unbelievably FUN! Thank you club owners for the continued support in our talent, hopefully we will make our rotations to all those who have asked for our return very soon. To the fans, have I mentioned that I love you guys?! Your loyalty has brought me to tears numerous times. I will strive to keep you entertained as you bless us with your patronage. Family and friends, without you I would have fumbled. Sean, I love you, my rock. Jamison, Dece, and Chris you bring the funk, rock, and the rhythm, with you guys we will take the WORLD! Stay tuned…..and……PUT THE MONEY IN THE BUCKET! Dari J

NYE Bash

It was a great, no awesome, no spectacular night. The band gelled like we have been together for years, and the crowd was the best crowd anyone could have asked for. The lights, the sound, everything.....perfect. 2011 is filled with excitement. The anticipation for the debut was ridiculous, and now that it has passed I(Dari) thought the high would fall. It hasen't, I am more excited and more driven to make each and every future show just as this one was. Whew what a ride! I never want to get off.

Couldn't be happier!

P2P is wonderful. All the musicians are top notch and great to work with. I love our music, our style, our passion, and our friendship. Honestly, I couldn't be happier! ~DariJ

New in 2010!

Hey everyone!!! New originals are in the making, new band members, and new venues are booking up. If you want us to come near you, let me know a place and I will get them on the horn! Still looking for a permanent funky drummer, we have interviewed quite a few, and most are great for gigs and subbing in. I'd love some collab work on the originals, so you hard-core Funk drummer, come on down!!

Looking for a new drummer!

So I'm on the search for a funk- rock drummer. Mike was one of a kind, big shoes to fill, too fun to hang out with and full of ideas. We'll miss him, but wish him much success in Cali. So I'm looking for someone who thinks they can hang. These musicians on my team are phenomenal, I don't think i would have these songs without them, they write, produce, they CREATE, and together I see an unstoppable team. The pocket, the heartbeat, the root of the band, that's what I'm looking for. i know you are out there!