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Shirley Levi's song "Walk Away" airing on Melbourne Music Radio!

Shirley Levi's song "Walk Away" has been discovered by Sim of Melbourne Music Radio and will play all week and onwards!

To hear "Walk Away" on Soundcloud: http://m.soundcloud.com/shirleylevi/shirley-levi-walk-away

Shirley Levi's song "Woke Up" airs on Nashville's Radio New Wheels & WCMS!

Shirley Levi's song "Woke Up", which was originally discovered by the legendary Jonathan L of Lopsided World of L/SHE Show, has now also been discovered and picked up by Johan of Radio New Wheels and on WCMS Nashville which broadcasts live in Nashville, playing new artists with legendary country artists! "Woke Up" airs in Nashville on Thursday the 16th!



Shirley Levi's song "Bourgeois Peasant" airs on Rock in FM March 7 & March 9!

"Shirley, I'm glad there are artists like you that put so much passion in what they do, cause people like you give us strength to keep doing what we do!" ` Lucy Teti/Rock in FM

Lucy Teti, from ROCK in FM will be airing my song, "Bourgeois Peasant" on Tuesday March 7 and Thursday March 9! "Bourgeois Peasant" was initially discovered by the legendary Jonathan L of Lopsided World of L and also by the one and only Jason Groman from KCRW! I will also be doing a radio interview with Lucy Teti at the end of the month! They play all my fav artists from Johnny Cash to The Rolling Stones to Nirvana! Great rock station!


Shirley Levi captures the voice of the people at NODAPL Rally on 12/10/16

Shirley Levi captures the voice of the people at NODAPL Rally & March in Los Angeles at Pershing Square on 12/10/16. Watch the vid: https://youtu.be/bZjozZ_JnbM Featuring Shirley Levi's song "Walk Away". Stand up to corporate corruption! ٩(Power To The People)۶✊⚡️ ☮♥☀♬

Shirley Levi captures the voice of the people @ the Unity March in Hollywood!

Link to the vid: https://youtu.be/DQRuVLXDGAA PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT OUR NATIVE AMERICAN BROTHERS + SISTERS BY WATCHING MY 2 MINUTE VID & SHARING IT!!!!! CHANGE STARTS WITH US!!! NOT POLITICS!! I shot this footage on my iphone at the end of Bernie's Unity March. (There were 3,500 people who showed up before I got there.) This cause may not affect you personally but it affects many others in a devastating way and we must STAND UP and lend our support!! ONE LUV! ☮♥✌ ✌ ٩(Power To The People)۶✊⚡️💪 ♥👊🎙📡☀♬♪ ♫ .♪.♫.ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅…●̲̅̅☮

Shirley Levi's DIY Spotlight in the August edition of MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

DIYSpotlight Shirley Levi Shirley Levi is the embodi- ment of a DIY artist, a self- taught singer, songwriter, producer and activist. Her guitar-driven style and soulful vocals are a blend of rock, country, folk, pop and blues that she calls Shirley RAWk. Levi has come a long way from her days play- ing in the San Diego music underground... Nowadays, she opens for musical legends like Neil Young, Dixie Chicks, Ryan Adams, Ben Harper and Sheryl Crow and has earned endorsements from Gibson Guitars and Marshall Amps. Although she writes and produces her own music, Levi had the honor of working on a track with hit maker Val Garay (who has over 100 Gold and Platinum Records). NPR flagship radio station KCRW called Levi an “Artist to Look Out For.” Indeed, accolades have come from music publications, journal- ists and blogs around the world. Many compare her to musical legends such as Pasty Cline, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Patti Smith. In addition to being a self-sufficient artist, Levi is also an outspo- ken activist and uses her music to advocate for change––yes, she’s a rebel with a cause. Her lyrics are filled with messages of unity, compassion and determination, with vocals that often sound like a punk rock prayer. Although Shirley Levi is an American artist, she also celebrates all races and hopes to unite people by infusing Hebrew, Farsi and Spanish into her music and live sets––a gutsy DIY move. For more, check out shirleylevi.com

Shirley Levi Debut on KCRW's New Years Eve Special with Jason Groman!

Don't miss my songs "Bourgeois Peasant" & "Lah Dah Dance" debuting on KCRW for the FIRST TIME on a New Years Eve Special with Jason Groman's, "Artists to look out for in 2016!!!!!!" Look out for Jason Groman to be playing my songs right after his tribute to Lemmy of Motorhead!!! RIP Lemmy! ❤☮♬

Shirley Levi featured all of January 2016 on Jonathan L's Beauty and Fashion!

Shirley Levi featured all of January 2016 on The Legendary Jonathan L's International People on Beauty and Fashion! Also, look out for Shirley Levi's song "Hollywood" on Lopsided World of L's Xmas & New Year's LA special! http://jlradio.com/fashion.html

Shirley Levi featured on Lopsided World of L Worldwide!

Shirley Levi featured on Lopsided World of L Worldwide with the legendary Jonathan L/Winner of The 2015 International Radio Personality World Wide Radio Summit!!


"In my long career, I have championed numerous musicians. Some
have gone on to have quite a well known following and success.
Some have not. This young woman is Shirley Levi. She sent me
a song about 4 years ago, and that led to many others that were
played on Lopsided World Of L. I have spoken to a handful of
people in the music industry about Shirley more than once. 
About how much I believe she is the real deal. So far, I haven't 
seen anyone try hard enough to follow up. She is highly talented, aggressive, and someone I believe in so much. Her lyrics are
one of many strong facets of her talents. The Iranian born to parents of Jewish faith and 
vibrant and going to be a well known musician one day.
I believe that 100%. Do I know Shirley personally? Yes.
We had dinner in Los Angeles two years ago. I found her
to be an honest soul. She is a beautiful person, inside and
out. Vivacious. Recently she was invited and performed live at the Neil Young 
Bridge School Benefit concert in front of many. Later in December, I will be playing two songs that probably
most radio persons would never do. The songs were one-take
recordings on an iPhone on the stairway at her Hollywood
apartment. Both display her talent and willingness to let me
play the songs for regardless of studio quality. That takes
balls on her part. I will also replay one of the songs in January. Soon she will enter a recording studio, and work on her
second album. So myself included look forward to her
musical magic in 2016. Also, look forward to Shirley being the Fashion feature
in January on my website. She does write her own
material, so just her words about her fashion do's
and don'ts are wonderful to read. Over the years I have given up on numerous artists that
had my full support, and after feeling that I was ignored
at one point, I stopped my support. That's the way it is
musicians. If you fail to remember who cared in a sincere
way, then you are on your own, and I am speaking for
many of my peers also. Just the way it is. Keep in mind,
if you are in it for the moment, for many it doesn't last. Shirley will always have mine!" - Jonathan L

http://www.jlradio.com http://www.indie1031.com http://www.kfma.com http://www.rockxs.com http://www.merseyradio.co.uk http://www.kingfm.net

Shirley Levi is the opening act for Neil & Peggy Young's Annual Benefit!

The 29th Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert will be on Oct. 24th & Oct. 25th 2015! Organized by musician Neil Young & Pegi Young, the Bridge School Benefit Concert is an annual, all acoustic, non-profit charity event held every October at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. All proceeds directly benefit the operations of The Bridge School.

CONCERT LINEUP: Neil Young, Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Ryan Adams, St. Vincent, Gary Clark, Jr., Spoon, Nils Lofgren Opening acts: Shirley Levi & Honey Honey

The Bridge School is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that individuals with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities and is an internationally recognized leader in the education of children who use augmentative and alternative communication & has developed unique programs and trained highly skilled professionals in the use of state of the art assistive technology.