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Long awaited new track "Lost"feat my gurl Pinky!!! Sorry for the wait but promise its worth it!!! much love to all my fans! :)


Sorry to all my fans looking forward to my new track "Lost." I found out my Aunt was brutally murdered last Wednesday and her body dumped on the side of the road in Athens Georgia. I found out watching the news Thursday. It's really been hard and is really affecting me. Oconee County Sheriff's department did a wonderful job catching the man responsible. I promise you (my fans) the track will be put up soon.


WOW!!! #2 on the local charts???!!!?!?!?! I am blown away!! my music has only been up for 3 days....day 1 was #14.....day 2 was #4....and day 3 I am #2...THANK YOU!!!!!


Thank you to all my fans for showing me love! I debuted on Reverbnation at #14 and in one night jumped 10 spots to #4!!! Thank you so much! It has blown me away! I will continue to give you the music you love! If you have any ideas you'd like me to try let me know because i enjoy a challenge! And any of you artists out there want to collab just hit me up!!! Love you all!!!


Releasing my debut single track out today! Hope yáll like it!