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New Demo's

Hi Everyone! The new demo's are ready; Dream Girl, Only You Can, Light the Night and Detroit Saturday Night. Be sure to let us know what you think and share if you like what you here. Thank You for supporting!

In the Studio

Wicked Frenzy is currently in the studio recording a demo and excited to be able to share it soon.

Dizzle McDizz

Want to thank my brother Dizzle McDizz for taking all the great photos of the bands!

Bandemonium 2014

I will proudly send your music to every industry person I know. You 7 bands tonight are with me forever. I will be forever protective, so if you need anything, just ask. I love you all so damn much. I met some seriously amazing people through this contest. Wicked Frenzy, I absolutely have fallen in love with your band. I will say right now you guys are the most underrated band in Metro Detroit. You guys have such an awesome sound (for crying out loud you covered Slash with Myles Kennedy!!!), I really can't wait to actually see you guys play a show that I am not working so I can sit there and talk music all night before you play. Plus you guys have some of the most amazing supporters and you have a tenacious juggernaut behind you, Lexy McGeorge. I can not wait to play your music on my show. Tim Cook, a.k.a. Tiny

Preliminary Recordings

We've added a few rough recordings as teasers and want to know what you think?


We are in the process of finding a front person for our band and in the meantime we will continue to practice and record. We'll see you all soon!

Wicked Frenzy

Wicked Frenzy wants to thank everyone that came out to NYNY on 9/6. Thanks to Kevin Day, aka Slim for filling in for us!