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Check out our Daft Punk cover video!

I bet your weekend wasn't nearly as fun as ours. We spent the weekend putting together a budget that is as goofy as we are, featuring dance parties, robots on guitars, and an uplifting store of love and loss. Go check it out on YouTube, and don't forget to leave a comment!

Watch now: http://bit.ly/RobotDan

New Album on the Way

Well, GH Nation, it's been over a year since the release of our last album, "Ghost of Us," and we are excited to announce that we're back in the studio again for a brand-new album.

We'll be featuring our new lineup, with songs contributed from Jason, Sean and Sarah. Look for the upcoming release of our new singles "Moving Target" and "Smoke" in late Spring 2014!

As always, we thank our fans for their continuous support on this magical musical journey.

3 Jason, Jade, Sean & Sarah

Uh oh, is it already time for the rat race?

Recording in our home studio was a total blast, and we learned so much about music production. Even better was mastering: listening as the songs we've been working so hard on took on a fuller, more leveled sound. Thanks to San Francisco's Michael Romanowski for that!

We've been getting our feet wet with some gigs around the bay area. Putting together our live sound has proven challenging. How can we get three people to produce the numerous detailed layers present in our tracks? A few guitars sounds nice, but it just doesn't cut it. We started playing around with looping, using Ableton Live and a keyboard to produce the synth and percussion layers that we cannot produce with our instruments. I've seen some other bands do this, and from what I've heard the keyboard/laptop looping combo is becoming more popular. Hopefully soon we can start to integrate this more into our live performances.

Finding some more instrumentalists for our live team would be a big help. Scouring craigslist for a keyboardist or percussionist, though, just does not produce the wanted results. Stock emails and people misrepresenting their talent/commitment...I would hate to taint our super committed and enthusiastic team with a subpar musician!

I stumbled onto this startup recently, called Musicians Unite. They are trying to solve for these frustrations by providing a better interface for musician networking (what bandmix was supposed to be). They launch in a few days and I'm crossing my fingers for their success! Plus, they have agreed to feature our music in the next couple of weeks.

Well, I suppose the search for the perfect keyboardist/looping continues. Until then, we will keep working on producing the best live representation of our studio sound that three people can make.

Loopy with looping, Emily