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Online collaboration

Hi there,

I'm a singer and guitarist looking to collaborate on an online basis. As a working father of 3 I just don't seem to have the time to be in a band these days - but if you need vocals or guitars (acoustic or electric) added to your project, then I could be the man for you!

You can listen to a bunch of my own recordings on my reverbnation page (www.reverbnation.com/petetilburyfowler).

If you've got an unfinished track, let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you...

Need Guitars?

Hi all If anyone needs electric or acoustic guitar added to a recording, please give me a shout. I don't charge, and you can either tell me the kind of thing you're after, or just email me a track and let me make it up! I'm usually a rock/blues/soul kinda guitarist, but can turn my hand to most things, so give me a try! Have a listen to my tracks for the kind of things I've done already - or check out www.myspace.com/calistouk to hear some original stuff too! All the best Pete

Johnny Gray (Rock, Blues, Country)
Johnny Gray (Rock, Blues, Country)  (over 7 years ago)

Hi Pete
I have a track called "Goodbye Caroline" which has a long instrumental break just begging for a great lead fill in. You are very welcome to have a go and thanks if you do.

Similarly the track, Devil Woman - which at present has a keyboard simulating a harmonica, might be worth a crack. I can send you the MP3 with the harmonica removed if interested.

The track "Gonna Keep on Runnin" has an internet friend of mine from Denmark, whom I have never met, who collaborated by eamil to add his lead which ain't bad. He actually left the intro free but I like "bits in between" so I copied and pasted bits as best I could and I also doubled up on the guitar - all much to my friend's chagrin - but he hasn't had time to have another go!!! If you wish I can send you that track as well without the lead.

Let me know if interested.

Particularly liked your "Come Together"

Take care - Johnny G :)