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Another Exciting Day in the Life of Diane Ellis

I do so many things in my life; it's overwhelming at times; but exciting none the less! I would't have it any other way. I am selling advertising for an awesome tv show called The Matrix News Network. www.MatrixNewsNetwork.com This show reports the news that people want to hear. This news you'll NEVER hear on CNN! We air to 27 MILLION households in the U.S. and 7 MILLION in the U.K. 2. Venture....I've got a studio in my home. I can put together a voice over demo reel for whoever needs one; very reasonable! 3. Venture...Audio Art.....My studio is portable as well. I can record you sending a greeting to loved ones near and far; and take your favorite photographs or videos and put it all together in one cool package; with whatever music you choose....Pretty darn cool!