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"Jungle Groove" is one of 200 Smooth Jazz Top Hits 2015

Check out Groovefathers Norrie Lynchs Ultimative 11,5 hour Megamix with the best Smooth Jazz tracks of 2015. Very proud to be a part of it. https://www.mixcloud.com/smoothjazzinthemix/smooth-jazz-in-the-mix-ultimate-best-of-2015-mega_mix-with-groovefather-norrie-lynch-11hrs35m/

Sax O'Groove Indiegogo-Campaign

Check out my Indiegogo Campaign and helb to release the 2nd CD of Sax O'Groove. Your will find on it Brian Culbertson Official, Michael Lington, Rick Braun, NILS, Marqueal Jordan, Katja Rieckermann, Darren Rahn, Paul Shilts Weimar, Ricky Lawson, Alex Al and many more. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-to-release-sax-o-groove-cd-together/x/4845215

AirPlay for Sax O'Groove

32 Radio Stations in the US are playing "Going your own way". Thanks for the support.