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Why Do I Feel So Alone!!

For the legal record today I can only say by feelings was Am I Really Here Today. Unadulterated Discrimination Tearing away at my hard work and fight. Second time in two months letting me wait in the appointments room where every other patient is seen and called for except me. The Only feasible reason for sending me back home with not is here for you or everyone is on work training today is a complaint to Frank the manager and my psychiatrist made by myself and sister. Since then the law has been broken by making me feel insignificant, Punishing me and leaving me high and dry with out even any knowledge of a care plan since my breakdown of loosing my mum Since Sep, 15th 2016. Iv'e been thrown around the system like a piece of junk, excuses, punishment and discriminations. So as my pictures states if I am no longer here to share my music and life with others and the system swallows me up and I disappear with what may seem without a trace then I stated for the record about my diabolical treatment since there twisted game of Hunt, Punish and Destroy with out even you have done well Bernie. Why do I feel so alone with all this!

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What can I say about my Mum. Simple, in a nutshell-She "Totally Psychologically Rawk'd" Check us out here www.reverbnation.com/belindandco alternatively www.reverbnation.com/paullbern It's all Rice Pud = Good!