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Shaun's bio lol

In 1999 Erick Beavers (1989 - not dead yet) moved from somewhere in Oregon to Sandpoint, Idaho. Eventually, at the age of eighteen and after many years of apparently only playing Halo he ventured outside his walls and came upon a guitar half buried in solid stone. He had heard of mythical lore telling of such an instrument that if pulled from the stone would grant unparalleled heart, motivation and skill. No one knows what happened next, however there are several historical experts who have recently come forward and in a stunning display of bravery and "ball girth showcasery" have opened up a controversial door by saying that a man named Shaun Moore (1988 - also still alive) moved to Sandpoint, Idaho from Mt. Shasta, California in 2005. Apparently, the two mysteriously talented children of noise teamed up to initially form a band they called Aesthetic. The two man band, 'Aesthetic' had done very well (as documented by "Are We Alone In The Universe" by Jim Rodd, 1973) but there seemed to be something missing. Something was missing. No one... not even Michael R. Douglas DD,S, could have seen THIS coming; A bass player was needed. Archaeological findings in and around the area historically known as "Sandpoint" seem to support an unearthly story. From fossil records and DNA testing we can clearly see that a sound mechanic by the name of Troy Falciani (1987 - 1437 BC) had then become the third member and bass player for the band aptly named DIAGONAL HOUSE.