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Album release

So happy to release "Where the Sleepers Lie", my new album on Sept 20 at the Standing Sun concert. It will be a great night!

New Music Video

I just finished working on two music videos - can't wait to share them!

post-conference high ;)

After attending the Durango Songwriting Expo last weekend I am freshly inspired to be more organized and purposeful in some new areas. I met so many great artists and people from the music industry who had good advice and words of wisdom. I'm excited to co-write with some new people and to record some songs to get them up and running. What an incredible weekend - I absorbed so much and I think my brain is full! Also, I'm still so excited about our Soho gig a few nights ago. Andy White and his dad, Ron White, were amazing together on the electric and the dobro. It was a pleasure to perform with them and thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night!