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Summer '16 NYC Bus Trip 6/26/16

NYC parks, music, eats, wacky drinks! We're doing it again: Sunday June 26 a chartered bus picks up in Quakertown and Easton PA at 11 and 11:30 am to take you to the East Village, New York City. You'll be in town by 1:30 and we're back in PA by around midnight.

We did this a few times now and everyone is always eager to do it again. We gather up our friends, throw a couple bands on the bus for entertainment, BYOB, and go to "town." During Christmas we hit Times Square for the tourist-y thing, but for the spring/summer you can't beat the parks. There's Union Square Park, Tompkins Square Park, and all kinds of shops and eats in between, all within walking distance. See Charlie "Bird" Parker's house and famous film locations. You'll see street performers and occasional live music. Stroll down St. Marks Place and hit some eateries that Anthony Bourdain previews. Visit the famous McSorelys Ale House, one of the oldest bars in New York. Spotting the occasional movie actor, TV personality, or rock star is not out of the question in this town. And top it all off with some live music:

Otto's Shrunken Head is often mentioned in the NY Times and is well known for having the up-and-coming original talent of NYC. With overflow from the historical CBGB's it's common to see "new" bands from the likes of former ones such as Talking Heads, Television, Blondie, Ramones, Waitresses, and others.

Plus we bring our own talent. Taking the stage at 7pm will be Dutch's Basement Blues Band and at 8pm Roman & The Heard. We'll rock and swing with you as we dominate this venue with our busload of friends and company. Maybe a cool surprise guest will sit in too, who knows. You never know, this is New York! If you've never been to NY or just want to really enjoy a day off to it's full potential join us. Nobody regrets it. I won't do this all the time, so take advantage of the opportunity that exists...contact me and get a seat and bring your partner or some company to walk around with. Tickets are available where I play and teach (look at my schedule, I'm easy to find) or contact me and I'll meet you. $40 reserves your spot on the chartered BYOB Bieber Bus. There's a bathroom on the bus of course, but it parks right at Otto's, so we kind of have a home base to flow in and out of once we're there. Make your plans to join us on a memorable day. And don't forget to buy an Otto's Shrunken Head mug or T-shirt...it'll be famous one day!






Cool scene at Sellersville Pizza Pub March 4

No acoustic duos here! This place likes good rock. And The Heard will bring it: Original music and covers all in tubed-out Marshall induced psychedelic swirling stereo. Star guests often sitting in. It's smokin' (literally) Don't cost nothin' so stop by. Starts at 9.

NYC Bus Trip June 26, 2016

YES it's on! $40 per seat on a 50 seat, BYOB, chartered bus. Leaves from Quakertown, Pa and Easton, Pa at 11 and 11:30. Hits the East Village parks and Otto's Shrunken Head for live music before returning home by around midnight.

Featured bands are Roman & the Heard and Dutch's Basement Blues Band.

Reserve seat with payment. Cash only, no refunds. Contact me for more info