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It's Going to Take FAITH To Please God

It's going to take faith to please God. You must trust completely in Him. Throughout the challenges of your life you are given many opportunities to give back to God what he has already placed within you. Knowing that he has predestined you and know who you are completely. He says in His word that He knew you before you were even conceived in the womb of your mother. He also say that He had a plan for you before He created the world that you currently live in. Is that hard for you to believe? is it hard because of the problems in your life? Is it hard because you really don't have faith in God?

When God created the world and everything in it, He saw that everything He created was good. Everything you currently see in nature He created for you; everything. Scientist will argue this next fact but, God created the sun and the moon on the fourth day during the creation process. He created man on the sixth day of creation. He had Adam, I'm sure you heard of him, name all of the animals as He set them before him to give them all names. All of the cattle or large animals, all of the smaller animals and everything that creeps around or insects. Adam name each and everyone of them. Imagine Adam watching all the animals he named interacting and mating with one another. God thought that it was not good for man to be alone on the earth so He placed Adam in a deep sleep and took from him one of his ribs from his side and created Eve as a wife or helper for him. Someone that was compatible physically, emotionally and spiritually. Someone to share with and help subdue and multiply the earth. Because of sin in the world, God was forced to destroy all living flesh on the earth and start over again with a man that he trusted named Noah. And because of that fact, we are here today. Why? Because of faith.

Many years later God spoke to a man named Abram and gave him a few simple instructions. He told Abram to get away from his father's house and his tribe or family and go to a place where He(God) would bless him. Abram heard God clearly in his own spirit and followed God's instructions. And God did bless him. Abram had a beautiful wife and the y had no children. In fact, they were very old and way past the years of conceiving a child. Nevertheless, one day God promised Abram a son and through that son he would have many descendants and they would be a great nation. When Abram was 100 years old and his wife was 90, they conceived that promised child. His name was Issac; which means laughter through joy. God changed Abram's name to Abraham which means "Father of many Nations". Through Abraham the entire world would be blessed.

Abraham's son Issac had two sons; twins named Esau and Jacob. God blessed Jacob and changed his name to Israel and Jacob had 12 sons which until this very day are the twelve tribes of Israel, a great nation as God promised Abraham. Jesus Christ, the Son of God was born by a miracle virgin birth through the tribe of Judah, Jacob's fourth son. And because of Jesus Christ, the entire world is blessed and given eternal life through believing in Him as Lord and Savior. Remarkable story huh? Thing about this story is everything you are reading in completely true.

Where is your faith today? What do you believe? You know, we all have issues or problems in our lives. Everything you go through is actually a gift from All Mighty God. Molding and shaping you through your problems to develop with in you a reason to call on Him and believe in Him. To develop your faith. It is completely impossible to please God without faith in Him. And each and every day, He gives each of us that opportunity.

I challenge each of you to read the Bible. And see what it says to you. Read the story about Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Read about Jesus Christ. Learn what God is actually saying to you. And make a decision to believe or not. You will learn the cornerstone of the miraculous changes these people experienced through faith. I love you!

Minister Mic

Back To Basics

When you find yourself becoming more part of the world then what God sees in you, it's time to go back to basics. Basics such as prayer and fasting. Studying your Bible for its truth. Being guided by the Holy Spirit. Generally being real to yourself.

God teaches us in His word the Bible to not be part of or conformed into what the rest of the people of the world are or doing. He says be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I'm sure you've heard that the mind is a terrible thing to waste? Well it is. When you waste your thoughts on things such as the past. Things that cannot be changed. Conversations that really don't matter anymore. Or spending time with people who do not and cannot inspire you. Individuals whose lifestyle is different than yours. If your lifestyle is such that you want to embrace a working, lasting relationship with God, you are going to have to make some changes. Changes that show God you're serious. Serious about getting close to Him and what He has to offer you in this life.

God refers to it as "returning to your first love". When you were on fire for Him and the new life your foresee in your future with Him. Bad thing is, all the problems and issues you never expected hitting you right square in the face. Usually from every direction. It's not that Satan is attacking you, because he will. It's mainly because God is testing you. Preparing you for something completely amazing that He's preparing you for. You have to go " back to Basics". Your faith is counting on it. The word of God says that faith comes by hearing and hearing through the word of God. You've got to spend time in His word to learn what He is saying to you, about you and what He will say through you when the time is right.

About four weeks ago God told me to do something I never thought I would do. He told me to get rid of my cell phone. I was like, "WHAT??" I didn't argue and believe me my response was not immediate. It took a few days. I've heard that slow obedience is disobedience. Not so. God knows my heart and that I want nothing more than to please Him. He knew I would follow His directive to get rid of my cell phone. When I heard Him tell me this I was somewhat annoyed because I do most of my business on my phone. I manage several music pages and minister on Facebook to friends and new potential followers. I also manage a Twitter account from my cell phone. What he show me was everyone in the world does exactly the very same thing. I was spending more time on my phone that spending time with God. Like a drug, addicted to the information I was constantly receiving about people, statistics, news and everything so unimportant that it was literally consuming my entire day. Sure, I prayed, I read my Bible (which was on my phone) and I shared vital information about God; sometimes without even as much as reading it myself to assure it would help someone else. I was losing track of my calling to Minister effectively for God and He was showing me that.

The day I got rid of my phone it was as if a giant weight was lifting off of my shoulders. There was no stress. No frustration. Just God. And I quickly asked Him to forgive me for giving life more attention than I was giving Him. I was conformed to the world's way instead of being transformed mentally by God Himself. My prayer life became steadfast. Renewing my love for God and our relationship. I sleep better now. Getting rest I haven't know in years. I still don't have a cell phone and will buy another when it becomes absolutely necessary. Better still, when He tells me to buy one I will. It's that easy. I've gone back to basics.

I'm not encouraging you to get rid of your cell phone. You have to trust your heart and see where God wants to take you in your life. But, if your find yourself every few minutes on your phone, or consumed with something in your life that takes you from the presence of God, perhaps you too should go back to basics.

I love you guys!

Minister Mic

Where Is Your Heart?

Is your heart centered more on yourself or is your heart geared towards helping others?

Wondering about the subject matter, it would seem easier to conclude based on what one would see daily, life in itself is based on selfishness. Why would I conclude such a thing? I'm glad you asked. People need attention. Not to say that is mainly why God said to be fruitful and to multiply. People need each other. We need validation. We need to know if we really matter. Not only to ourselves but, to other people. The problem that exist in that emotion is the means we go about getting attention. How do we go about getting people to notice who and what we are. Right now, I am writing a "Blog" that I hope that people will read. Some will and some will not. It is my goal to reach out to people. Why? Because I have something to say. And it really doesn't bother me if people accept my thoughts or read what I'm saying. It doesn't bother me because I have learned to speak what's on my mind whether people accept it or not. Other's may not necessarily feel that way. Let me explain.

Often we see post from people who for some reason feel that they may be a little more informed or in their own minds better than other people. And their post are geared towards letting other people know that. Usually by in more ways than one, insulting other people. As if their view is far superior than the next person. Some people share things on their heart that you see how genuine they really are. Some post are quite funny and make you laugh, some make you think and some may in fact make you cry. Unfortunately, some post are only about themselves. But, that's OK. Why? I say it's OK because people need a form of expression. Without tools such as FaceBook, Twitter, etc., how else would we as people safely reach out to the world around us? Are we will willing to go out and try to reach the world with our own message no matter what it is, in a world that is constantly changing? When we as people need each other to survive?

The other day I read a post that for some reason really bothered me. It was a plea for FaceBook to disallow people from using the "Live" feature they now offer. As if it were a bad idea for some because, as it was stated, being constantly misused. Well, when we as people, who need each other, who need validation, and because we need each other to survive, how and why is it a bad idea and how is this feature being misused? We all do have opinions, true. And in freedom of speech are entitled to say what we feel we should say. But when a person is in any way being discouraged to use a feature such as "Live" to start a Ministry, build a Church, seek out possible members for a Church, tell other people about jobs, share a skill, share music and/or dancing, what makes that wrong? When God said, "be fruitful and multiply". I find it rather selfish for one to think it is wrong for people to use whatever devices available to them to reach out to other people when whatever devices they are using God made.

In the Bible it clearly teaches that God or The Lord Jesus is Heir of ALL THINGS. He is the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS. Some may argue this point however, if He placed in a mans mind how to created something for others to enjoy, no matter what it is, believe me, it came from God. How else does one reach out to other people? Maybe they've tried to start a Ministry without success and "Live" was their last resort? And it works.

Education, communication and the like aren't without say, what they used to be. We as people who need each other can ill afford to criticize other's who are in fact trying to reach other people with anything when the one's criticizing aren't as much trying. So my question to everyone is this: Who have you told about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ today? Yesterday? Last week? Or are you for some reason exempt from telling others about the Lord you claim to love and serve? I'm not asking you to agree. Search your heart. God knows.


Standardized Vision

Standardized Vision Don't get it twisted. None of what I do is about me. It's all about you. Yeah you. Serving you. The People. All of you who complain from the safety of your home computers about what's not right in the world but won't get out there and speak your true mind of feelings. Pointing fingers at the men and women making an effort, risking their lives while you try to privately make a name for yourselves. Serving who? You. When what's real is that All Mighty God has called each one of us to serve not only Him but, each other. "We The People". I'm here to serve you. Heaven and Hell are real. Just like you, created by The Lord God. Standardized Vision speaks about my calling to the AMAZING and AWESOME calling. To "go tell them" as Jesus Christ commands. If you won't lead, worrying only about yourselves, then I will. The word of God says your gifts will take you before great men. Meaning the gift of God makes you just as great as the men your gifts take you to. Get out of the mirror and join me out before a lost and dying world. If not except and realize you are lost and dying along with them. So, I may be talking to you.

Lookin' for the standardized vision - Mind from time to time gone out on missions - Searching for the truth untamed, uncompromised - Seeing the truth through dazed and hungry eyes - Real to the root the truth is all I've got - Makin' the loot is all that it seems and not - I'm walkin' around all the pools of crimson - Got my mind on the standardized vision.

They be lookin' for me when I ain't even missin' - Knowing I'm about the standardized vision - A vision so true and oh so real to me - Vision gonna have me movin' 'round the country - Like Abraham; take me to unfamiliar places - Got me hard on my grind - Got me 'round new faces - Got me walkin' 'round the pain of death caused by drug addiction - Reaching hard for the standardized vision.

He's the only God in my life, I'm not trippin' - Be lookin' hard at the standardized vision - Being inspirational for others don't work for me - If they don't see what I'm seein', I'm not leadin' - I've spent a life time doing what others see - I feel that my vision is meant for only me - It's gonna take faith to receive His provision - It takes faith to see the standardized vision

My heart is changin' it's source of information - It's changing over to the standardized vision - I'm feelin' down deep inside me it's for sharin' - learn all that I'm supposed to learn and then turn it - turn it all over to those who don't be knowin' - tell'em that it's time to take notice what He's showin' - It's hot where it's cold and cold where it don't be snowin' - Birds trying to migrate but they don't know where they goin' - Wars poppin' off like like popcorn; blood be flowin' - Leaders be lyin' tryin' sellin' what they don't be ownin' - Like in the Omen, the enemy's alive, his power is steady growin' - The stage is being set for his face he'll soon be showin' - His mask is peace is heart is overthrowin' - If you don't believe me then read Revelation - The church will be raptured before His second comin' - Raptured because of the pormised tribulation - The seven year peace treaty made will then be broken - 666 is the mark that will be taken - On the head or the hand or heads will get to rollin' - Rollin' by the means of swift decapitation - No deception, I'm sharin' the truth within the vision - The promised land the scene where all of this will happen - The armies of the world will merge for one invasion - Then Jesus will defeat them all at Armageddon - He'll reign on His throne with a rod of iron - As the one and only King for a millennium - Life is a gift to be tried with tests - For every knee shall bow and every tongue confess - That He is Lord that offers us salvation - Believe Jesus is Lord and live with Him in heaven - I'll pray for you that you receive this and in conclusion - I'm focussed on sharin' the standardized vision.

A friend of yours, Minister Mic Whyzgi

We The People

We The People Music and Lyrics written by Minister Mic Whyzgi Intro – Reading (Preamble of the United States Constitution)

“We The People of the United States, in order to Form a more perfect Union, Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, Promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

“Yeah right..,”

The System Hard to deny, bigger than life I see it in your eyes Who made it? Just to get by, do or die Back stabbed with your knife Doors are opened Closed with our hope endured Don’t tease us; tell us What do you want from we? We don’t have the answers For your ready made up minds “No we don’t” We The People

You Leaders Play your head games, all played the same Just have different names Mislead us Promising change, taking away A means to stake our claims here Food lines are longer lines Jobless and homeless are found easy Why do you expect for we to put up with your bull? You must be out your mind Must be out your damn mind Who are we? Who are we? We The People..,

(Chorus) We The People (we the people) Are tired of your ways We The People (we the people) Are goanna take this mother over one day Everybody join your hands, say We will overcome yes everyone We The People

(Bridge 1) I know you’re not ready To change the world around When our problems are steady and progressive Maybe if you just touch home enough The world will hear the sound Of peace done right Without anybody guessing, yeah

(Bridge 2) So get yourself ready To change your world around Take your problems and turn them into successes, yeah Maybe if you just touch home enough The world will hear the sound Of peace done right Without anybody guessing

World Powers Privately fight, night after night With our lives, yawl Fire starters Dying to try to see what it’s like To watch a burning sky Disclaim world destruction Still building the weapons of mass destruction What we supposed to do? Just sit and let it happen? Not this time!

(Chorus) We The People (we the people) Are tired of your ways We the People (we the people) Are goanna take this mother over one day Everybody join your hands, say We will overcome yes everyone We the People

(Repeat chorus x2) + chant (We will overcome)

(Sound bite – Martin Luther King Jr. from “I Have A Dream” speech)

All music & Lyrics are: Composed, written, arranged, produced and performed by

Minister Mic Whyzgi For JMHMusic / copyright 2016

Hey FB Family, my account has been hacked into!!!!

Unfortunately, the individual or individuals involved know nothing about my blog and my ability to communicate with you guys in case this type of identity theft occurs. I have had no access to any of my FB accounts since 11:37(EST) and have trying to reestablish control since 11:49(EST) whereas FB is giving me an extremely difficult time.

If any of you have received any messages, request, or comments on any of your posts or pages from 11:37(EST) until now, 3:30(EST), I assure you it is not me, Minister Mic Whyzgi. If so, i do regretfully apologize and in turn rejoicing for God says when you suffer persecution or trials, count it all joy! I must be doing something the enemy doesn't like!

Join me in prayer and forgiving the individual or individuals involved. I love, respect and forgive all of my enemies praying that they indeed find the love, joy, peace and salvation the Lord Jesus offers.

May the LORD continually bless and keep each of you my friends, followers, fans and especially you, my enemies in Jesus'name, Amen!

A friend of yours,

Minister Mic Whyzgi

Trust The Lord With Your Whole Heart

Trusting the Lord with your whole heart and mind gives you strength.

It is true that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Without a doubt. However, trusting God is something He is not going to do for you. That has to come directly from you. He could have made us like the other animals that do and live as they were designed to live. They are so wonderful.

Birds do bird stuff; they fly and hunt at the same time. Meanwhile, always looking for ways to improve their homes or nests. They lay eggs and protect them by keeping them warm. Often taking turns protecting the nest. Did you know that once a bird finds a suitable mate they never leave their mate. They stay together the duration of their lives to bring more baby birds into God's world. They don't and cant sin.

Dogs do dog stuff. They are highly intelligent animals. Some even try to talk but they do effectively communicate with other dogs and with humans. A friend of mine told me the other day her dog jumps on the couch when she leaves the room and quickly jumps back off when she returns. Her son took a picture of him on the couch when she went to do something in the house. So smart. Knowing he's not supposed to be up on the couch and smart enough to get off when mom is around. Dogs are protective and compassionate. Most are friendly and want to lick your face when they see you. Some are mean and only want to bite. Nevertheless, dogs cannot and do not sin.

We on the other hand are born into sin. We sin constantly. Only the grace and mercy of God can forgive the sin that we commit. Because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, who is God that came to us through the flesh of a virgin birth. He was legally born into our way of life having a Holy Spirit that does not know sin because He wasn't born of a man. Seems hard to believe but, it's true. Without Jesus Christ's sacrifice, we have no other means to get close to God because of our sinful nature. We have to trust that He is true to His word, to forgive us for our sins if we just believe that He did indeed come to us, born of a virgin, lived and taught us about Himself, wad crucified and died on the cross for our sins and rose again after being dead for three whole days. He did all of that for each of us. Why? Because He loves us.

So, trusting God, takes effort. It is something that you actually have to do to get close to Him. It takes work. That means it takes faith. Faith is believing something that you can't see and hoping that it will come to pass or is completely true. Is that too hard? It may seem to be. But if you begin to trust in the Lord at His word, He will give you the strength to do what you think you cannot do. Why? Because He loves you. So exercise your faith and trust God.

Think about it this way; He woke you up this morning when He could have allowed you to die in you sleep. He is in control of everything. Everything is His. It will become easier to get to know God by reading the Bible. The Bible is a love letter He wrote through men that He chose to tell the story about who He is and why. It explains His love for us. It also explains what will happen to those don't love Him and freely sin. There are rules even to your life and how you're supposed to live. Each person on this world knows the difference between right and wrong. Everyone knows what sin is. If you have issues with believing in God, just look around and see everything He made for us is surrounding you. It's all explained in the Holy Bible. I suggest you take a look and see. All you have to do is begin to believe what you're reading and as you start, He will give you the strength to continue on your journey into a life full of hope and faith. Faith in Him. Believing each and every word. He offers you a life with Him through belief in His son Jesus Christ who is one and the same as God.

It is my prayer that you learn to except that He is waiting for you to receive His gift of love. It takes trust. It takes faith. -JMic

Passing The Torch To My Children

I love the story of Abraham in the Bible. He was a man of faith. He believed God at His word that He would make him a "Father of Many Nations". He did everything God said for him to do and the results are mind blowing. Now Abraham is known as the father of our faith because he believed God. The story of Abraham inspires many people today including me many years ago. Let me share my story.

Many years ago when I was a single man, struggling with surviving the streets of Houston, TX and everything they had to offer, there was a point when for some reason I actually grew tired of the way my life was going. I was an assistant manager at a well known night club in the south west side. I grew tired of staying up into the early morning hours, always drunk or high from all the partying that lifestyle offered. I started reading my Bible again after many years walking away from the church. I encountered the story about Abraham and his family. They experienced so many different challenges. The Nation of Israel was actually formed through Abraham many years later. it was cool how God used Abraham's faith to pass the blessing God promised him to all of Abraham's children. At the time, I didn't have any children of my own and in fact, didn't really have a girlfriend. That was my life, sleeping around and playing the games people in their twenties play.

One early morning I was laying around my apartment under the ceiling fan listening to music and something weird started happening. It was like the ceiling fan opened up before my eyes another dimension. I knew I had been getting drunk and all; smoking weed from time to time but, this was extremely different. Suddenly, I saw a baby before my eyes. A little dude, no more than probably a year at best, with a diaper on, a small T-shirt and the most distinctive item, one sock on his right foot. He was running down a hard wood floor hallway; away from me. I knew it was me because I couldn't catch him. I could hear my voice calling for him to stop and come to me. But the little guy wouldn't listen as he was giggling, running with that cute baby type of run. This went on for maybe a minute or so. Looking around the room, I knew I was awake and wasn't dreaming yet, the little dude kept getting away in my vision. It was getting rather frustrating after a while and I was growing tired of what ever was going on in my mind. As I thought that very thing the most profound thing happened, the little guy turned around and reached out to me and said "Da Da"!

My eyes instantly started to fill up with tears. Trying not to cry because I was a self proclaimed gangster now, angry at the world, my parents, God; nothing could make me cry, not me. Nevertheless, there I was, eyes full of tears thinking and wondering, "did God just promise me a child, a son of my own?". "Wow" , thought to myself, "I'm going to be a Dad?", which at the time made no sense because not only did I not have a girlfriend, the girls I knew would never live up the standards that would qualify them to be the mother of a kid of mine. My life started to change. Long story short; I found a suitable woman whom I married and seven years to the date of my amazing vision, Michael was born. We have four children; Michael, Taylre', Alexis and Shelbi. My life has been full of mistakes and seperations and everything that ends most marriages because of my past but, God has restored what we have and has given me a new life.

Being a musician, I have a beautiful daughter Alexis who's dream is to be the next big name in the business. A tag I often have referred to my own music career. However, believing God for amazing things in my life I BELIEVE it's time to start passing that torch over to Alexis. She's an AWESOME daughter with a beautiful voice and looks to match. My wife and I are going to groom her to take the next step to walk into my shoe and become the child star she has always dreamed of becoming. So don't be surprised when she does. -JMic

New Beginnings

What do you do when you are granted an opportunity of a lifetime? Do run away from it or do you met it head on? History has shown that the most successful people in our world were each challenged with destiny making decisions. Which in fact shaped and molded their destinies. Whether the outcome was good or bad and sometimes unfortunately disastrous, it still shaped and molded their destinies. Many individuals are afraid of change. It would appear to seem easier to allow things in life to take a normal course and let things fall where they may. That's not change. Change is taking chances or making the effort to make a difference. In the lives of others and in doing so, the life of the one taking the chance. We all know the however: what does this subject matter mean to you? Are you willing to do what it takes to make a difference in the lives of others? Or are you one of those who'll just sit back and try to take it all in and not attempt to get involved?

Recently I was given an opportunity to not only make a difference in my own life but the lives of my wife and children. Going through hard times it came apparent that something had to done to save us from certain ruin. I was given a chance to relocate to get things going in my life while at the same time readjust my lifestyle to the life that God has in store for me. So what I did was move back to the place where I grew up and lived a very successful life as a child, teen-ager and young adult. I moved from Texas back to New Jersey. South Jersey actually. I couldn't be happier. Why? And why South Jersey? I'll tell you this; I never tried to make a life here ion this region. After being shuffled off to College I moved to Texas shortly after to be near my parents and older brother. Not a mistake but, it was what I believed at the time was the best thing for my life. I learned so much about life as a young adult and made plenty of mistakes. I really appreciate the experiences and the friendships I was able to obtain. unfortunately, none of which has done anything to change the course of my destiny. The relationships I obtained and the experiences landed me in prison for 18 months of my life, which just about destroyed my life and the lives of my family. Something new had to be done and had to be done now.

I was recently Ordained as a Christian Minister. I am happier now that I found something that is going to change the total outlook of my life as it is. serving God is something that I had always tried to do, talked about but, never made the proper steps to dedicate my life to. Now that I have everything has changed. My wife and I were separated headed for divorce. I lost the love and respect of my children. I lost good jobs and opportunities to build a career with good companies. All of that has been restored. Now as a fledging Minister and a new recording artist, I endeavor to share my gifts and talents with the world. In hope to assist people in making life changing decisions that will shape and mold their destinies. It's time to get after it in a very positive and aggressive way if I plan to be successful. It's not my objective to shove my faith or beliefs of the Lord Jesus Christ down anyone's throat because many people just aren't ready for their lives to be challenged that way. I plan to lead by example. Live as Christ instructs me to live. Be supportive and nurturing to my wife and children. To be steadfast and direct when it comes to the things that I wasn't and to be encouraging to others that need support and encouragement. Intercede and pray for people of all races and believe God by faith as he guides me to be the best man, husband, father and Minister I can possibly be. I could do no worse than that, I believe. Especially after all the stuff I've been through. I put my family through more than I can bear.

So, if you are challenged by things in your life, go for it; go after it. Make a difference. New beginnings are what we at times need. Do you? -JMic

In The Midst Of The Sorm

When it seems that things are getting easier, that's a good and clear indication that it is actually going to get extremely harder. Not because you've paid your dues; most Artist who reach certain levels in this business have more or less paid their dues. Not because you don't deserve the opportunities but, God has a way to real you in when you tend to get a little ahead of yourself. If you're a gifted musician and have performed numerous times, you know what I mean. Keeping the faith is the most important thing to do when it gets rough in the trenches. Keep praying and believing that God is going to make a way when it seems there is no way. Keep faithfully believing that He is in total control. Because He is. Remember, it all belongs to Him. How you handle knowing that you are Blessed and not cursed. That you are above and not beneath. That you are indeed His Righteousness. Point is, the battle is His. All His. Not yours. Just keep doing what you believe is His will for your life to His glory. His grace will take over each and every time. He doesn't make mistakes. If he chose you for a thing He is faithful to complete that thing in you. Never doubt Him. Never lose faith in Him. Why? Because you may have to start all overt again before He'll trust you with what He's called you to do. Favor isn't always fare. God isn't always fare because He is just. True to His word in fact. Each word. Keep it moving forward in your walk with Him no matter what your walk is. Keep going after what you believe in. Don't be afraid to ask Him for help. How much do you trust God? How much do you want to live up to the standards He's set before you? It takes sacrifice. Sacrifice you will in submission to His. Pray. Fellowship with others. Tell people about Jesus Christ. Become the individual you see yourself as and do it to the glory of God. Life, my life is changing each and every day. it doesn't always feel good but, I know that I'm on the right track. My past is more my past now. I no longer dwell on things that use to keep me bond mentally and spiritually. In fact, I'm an Ordained Christian Minister now. Go figure! Me! Years ago I would have never thought I could be getting that close to the God I love; mainly because I always would dwell on my issues and problems. But He said I can overcome everything, if I believe in Him. And I do. Trust me, it wasn't easy letting go of some things and believe me; I still have many thing in my life I have to and need to let go of; and I will. Not in my own power though, In God's power. It's time to actually allow Him to fight my battles. Let Him do the work for me. All I have to do is pray and believe. I find it easier to be strong enough to pray and believe for others as well. Especially when you see that other people go through tougher situations than you do. Ask God His direction for your life. Ask God to direct your life. To open doors hat only He can open. Be bold. Be honest. Be sincere. And little before you know it, the very thing you ask God for and believe in your heart you will receive, will fall right into your hands. A gift from God. I'm encouraged just reaching out to guys. I haven't blogged in some time now. I'm back in the game though believing for you and for me that God will answer each and every prayer, even if right now the answer is no. Again, He's just. He knows what best for you, for me and for all of us. Faith first!!! Keep the faith and He will be right there for you! A friend of yours, Minister Mic