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Can a singing teddy bear help your child learn the alphabet!?

We were given the challenge of creating a UK version of the popular Alphabet song that has helped so many children to learn their ABCs.

The problem was that in the traditional (Americanised) version, the pronunciation of the letter Z was 'Zee' and English children are obviously taught to pronounce this as 'Zed.' Simply substituting the sounds wouldn't have worked because the song rhymes the 'Zee' sound with the 'Vee' sound.

We finally solved the problem with the help of a singing teddy bear. Any ideas how we did it? To give you a clue we named the bear Ted!


Once I Caught a Fish Alive

We were amazed that nobody had really updated the classic nursery rhymes in decades to make them more enjoyable for modern children who have usually been exposed to a wide range of music from a young age and therefore tend to be little Simon Cowells! We decided to arrange and record twenty of the best known nursery rhymes in our studios and give them a modern twist. The result is a fresh sounding album that parents should be able to enjoy as well as their children!