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Heart of Mine

just put Heart of Mine on the RN playlist. it's our new INM single form the current release Circuits disc.

CIRCUITS !! and Garsots' gallery show

just posted the title trac CIRCUITS. from a colab disc with our good friend spectacular artist, sculptor and musician. GARSOT. his artwork will be featured at 320 S Halstead Chicago il. opening this friday 12-14-12. http://www.garsotartsgallery.com/ the disc Circuits was done as a soundtrack to a Greek public art project. keep an eye out for forthcoming video. join us in a celebration of Garsots stunning work. g

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (over 5 years ago)

Sounds cool over there in Chicago!!

Just a Mirage

i posted Mirage. it's a instrumental that will be used on a Garsot video.it's part of the 'soundtrack' featuring his art and native country Greece. from the disc 'CIRCUITS'. enjoy. g

kloudworks  (over 5 years ago)

Wonderful. Very colorful soundtrack from ambiant folk music to pretty proggy rock stuff. Must be cool as part of a video. Love the reversed sounds. All the best ~ k.

Just going Home

just put up another cut from our Disc CIRCUITS. HOME was released to IMN Radio as a single. go to our press section to link on the latest info from IMN radio or to cast a vote. thanks all for your support. g IMN link. http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php

The Answer

the answer has gone to #1 on IMN Mainstream Radio. couldn't have done it without all your help. THX BIG for your support. http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php

New Disc mastered and teds adventure


new disc coming

won't be long now. a 'colab' with greek artist GARSOT titled 'Circuits' is in final mix-down stages. getting ready for mastering. it's a foray into a different sound for us. a melding of 'Ethnic jazz, progressive rock and more than a touch of 'this and that'. will post some of it when it's mastered. g


"thx to our brother JOE CLATTER NEVES in the UK. he put a little somethin somethin together. thadeusproject.fourfour.com/ your the best JOE!! g" - THX JOE CLATTER or brother in the UK! http://www.thadeusproject.co.uk/

ghost of dawn video

little did we expect this song to make our disc. (Keeper of Dreams) it was a live recording in the studio. (ted and i with background singer Tiffany Randell.) we we're rehearsing the song for a upcoming show. this was the second take. after the session we just liked the feel of it. so i went back across the track and added some strings. linda palm added a bit of 'synth' and that's it. we left it stark. it's a tune about 'the frail human condition.' it's best to enjoy life by the moment. it's really all we have. enjoy the ride. be well. g

CALLING #1 on IMN radio

calling is #1 on IMN mainstream charts. thx for all the support friends. hat tip to ya! g http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php