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Just going Home

just put up another cut from our Disc CIRCUITS. HOME was released to IMN Radio as a single. go to our press section to link on the latest info from IMN radio or to cast a vote. thanks all for your support. g IMN link. http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php

The Answer

the answer has gone to #1 on IMN Mainstream Radio. couldn't have done it without all your help. THX BIG for your support. http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php

New Disc mastered and teds adventure


new disc coming

won't be long now. a 'colab' with greek artist GARSOT titled 'Circuits' is in final mix-down stages. getting ready for mastering. it's a foray into a different sound for us. a melding of 'Ethnic jazz, progressive rock and more than a touch of 'this and that'. will post some of it when it's mastered. g


"thx to our brother JOE CLATTER NEVES in the UK. he put a little somethin somethin together. thadeusproject.fourfour.com/ your the best JOE!! g" - THX JOE CLATTER or brother in the UK! http://www.thadeusproject.co.uk/

ghost of dawn video

little did we expect this song to make our disc. (Keeper of Dreams) it was a live recording in the studio. (ted and i with background singer Tiffany Randell.) we we're rehearsing the song for a upcoming show. this was the second take. after the session we just liked the feel of it. so i went back across the track and added some strings. linda palm added a bit of 'synth' and that's it. we left it stark. it's a tune about 'the frail human condition.' it's best to enjoy life by the moment. it's really all we have. enjoy the ride. be well. g

CALLING #1 on IMN radio

calling is #1 on IMN mainstream charts. thx for all the support friends. hat tip to ya! g http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php

CALLING moves to #2 on IMN Radio

the single 'Calling' has moved up to #2 on IMN network radio mainstream charts this week. http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/mcharts.php you can here the cut on our myspace player. http://www.myspace.com/thadeusproject thx everyone for your continued support. be well. g


IMN RADIO 2010 AWARDS (guess what?) Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 | No Comments

we just got a call from the west coast. IMN network radio has awarded THADEUS PROJECT as the 2010 winner of FAVORITE MAINSTREAM GROUP / DUO. this is the 2nd year in a row that we have been honored with this award. a BIG thanks to all the station managers and regular listeners that voted for us. as most of you know, ted and i don’t like to ask for people to vote for us. it’s just that we believe it’s a personnel decision. and should be kept that way. besides truthfully, i feel weird asking!!! it never ceases to amaze me how many people do cast their votes for us. thank you all so much!! the announcement has been posted. http://www.independentmusicnetwork.com/imn_awards.html again thank you friends and listeners. this means a ton coming from you. be well. glenn , ted