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Playing Through

The show at Scott’s Christmas in July had it’s ups and downs, but it was a success. Joey Aces & The Deal got invited to play at Scott’s Christmas in July, which is a get-together of his friends and family. It began out of necessity several years ago. Scott Jones (Owner of Kill-More Pest Control) was unable to get his friends and family together in December for the traditional Christmas celebration. He came up with an idea to have a celebration in July when the weather is usually good and people are available. It has grown from its’ beginning of just a few people to 50+. This year nearly 70 confirmed they would attend, and he wanted to have something special. Joey Aces & The Deal was just what he needed.

All the guys came for load-up Friday night before the show. Well, except for Mr. Largo, but that’s drummers for you. I kid, he had family obligations. We met up Saturday afternoon and continued on our way to Cow Creek for a good old Kentucky fried field party. Once we got there and setup the campers, it was time for the real work. Load-in and setup in 90+ degree temps with high humidity. Sonny set up the drums and back-line equipment on the flatbed trailer provided by Scott, while the rest of us got the front-of-house system together. Sound check went smooth, and it was time to check out the all-you-can-drink KEG.

Show was about to start. We put some music on and informed the host that the show would begin in 30 minutes. By this time Scott and The Deal realized that a lot of people who had confirmed did not show. We thought we would be playing for 3 or 4 people, but once the music began they came out of the wood work. By show time we had 26 people stage front and 4 who enjoyed it from afar but would not leave the Keg’s side. Not great attendance, but enough to make it a night. We started strong. First song was great, crowd enjoyed it. We transitioned into the second song smoothly. I was starting to get that smile on my face because I was having a good time and so was the crowd. Meanwhile the flatbed behind me, where Sonny was killing the percussion, is rocking back an forth hardcore. I felt something clip my leg from behind about half way through the second song. I almost fell, but as a good bass player should, I kept playing through. The rest of the Band stopped after a few seconds, I turned to see what had happened. I am horrified by what I see. The rack case holding the front-of-house and monitor system had crashed into me while we rocked “Outlaw Blues” by Bob Dylan. I thought the show was over right then, but we got everything up and working again after a short pause. Once we realized we had sound, we decided to continue. For the next 3- 5 songs we just did not sound right in my humble opinion. We eventually settled down, tightened everything up and saved the show. I was initially disappointed in our performance, but after some thought and discussion we decided it was a success just to be able to finish after such a disaster.

The rest of the night we drank beer and enjoyed the 20 foot high bon fire from a distance. The folks who saw our show enjoyed it. Half of them went to our facebook page and liked it that night. We are still getting compliments from the attendees. The originals got positive feedback, but “Ride On” by ACDC was also a big hit. It doesn’t have to be a perfect show to be a good show, lesson learned.

Joey Aces and The Deal
Joey Aces and The Deal  (almost 4 years ago)

Amen brother! :)

That Kind Of Day

I hate those days when things are just not going right. This week has been a busy one and it lead to a less than spectacular rehearsal. I finally found employment after a yearlong search. I will be taking over as office manager and realtor for Century 21 American Way Realty. (Shameless plug) I interviewed and accepted on Monday. Tuesday I did 6 hours of Continuing Education in order to get my license out of escrow. (That is a bad way to spend a day let me tell you.) Wednesday and Thursday were o.k. just had to catch up on some paperwork. Then Friday went over to Joey Aces to help him with some electrical work and also moved a stair railing. I had to replace my heat pump last week as well. Today we rehearse and the first hour is just a wash. We couldn’t get through songs we’ve been playing for months. Front man was not feeling well. Yeah, it was that kind of day.

Getting There

My band "Joey Aces & The Deal" are working toward a 4 hour show consisting of four 45 minute sets, with 15 minute breaks between sets. We are about 20 songs deep at the moment and adding new material weekly. It's a mix of covers with some originals sprinkled in. The new guitar dudes are working out great. Props to Jacobe and James. We should have two originals tracked in a few weeks. Can't wait to get some original material on here. Thanks for the support.