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gigs and musicians

I'm looking forward to getting out and playing live. That keeps the blood flowin I think. I also have the nice problem of having more musician to work with. In the past I couldn't alwas find player I could relate too, but in the last few years I run across some real gems

tough times

Being a musician is NOT for the faint of heart. Its takes so much to get so little.

Bluz katz korner

This weekend goin play a couple of sets for Mary Helen Holley , She is the lovely lady that runs bluz Katz Korner Myself and alot of musicians in houston love Mary and more than willing to help her out

Dosey Doe acoustic cafe

Looking forward to playing a short set here tues the 17 . The sound of this room is awesome cant wait . I`m told the food is great too. Right on

tumblr site

http://oldschooljones.tumblr.com/ heres my tumblr site check it out if ya want

this weekends shows

Had a great show out at Ken and Marys blues project . If I had my way I`d make all my shows like that . Get a bunch of cool folks together get some barbq and play a few tunes . Also want to send a shout out to Robert K who came by and added some nice harp work. Sunday down at the continental club was a whole different story. It was the Houston IBC competition so laid back isnt exactly the deal.I really wish I could have gotten a chance to move forward , but instead I`ll have to just move on.

Mary Minter
Mary Minter  (about 3 years ago)

Saturday night at Ken and Mary's was totally enchanted!!! Cannot remember any event that I enjoyed more. Thank you for making the music fit the evening. See you Wed., 2pm at La Madelaine in Memorial City.

Shows this weekend

Really got a couple of cool things goin down . Sat nite blues, bbq and great folks out at Ken and Marys. These folks host a great event and I`m sure everyone will kick back and have a blast. Sunday will be great but completely different. The houston blues society host the International blues challenge at the continental club. There are some really great players at this event trying to earn a trip to Memphis .My goal is to play my best, as long as I do that I`m happy . Hope to see ya there

Dosey Doe cafe

Went by Dosey Doe cafe tonight , very impressed .The sound of the room combined with the soundman, make this place great. On top of all that they`re nice folks . dig it


Still try to figure out the best way to record but for now I`ll just go with what I got. Thanks for listening

Alabama ,

Gonna make a trip over to cottonwood Al hope to visit family and soak up some influence .