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Shattered Illusion (Original)

Today is raining (hum?) lol! just in case if you guys realized after listening to this track. lol! XD This song was written maybe on the month of May. It hadn't got its name yet and I came to decide at the moment I uploaded this song to reverbnation. Recorded using my voice recorder on a Samsung phone. Hope you guys humbly like this! :) I'll make a better version of this soon. ;)


Channel Any Muse
Channel Any Muse  (over 3 years ago)

So you record on your Samsung phone? The quality is very good. I'm surprised.

My Medicine (Cover)

The Sore throat or AKA the lol cover, I could barely sing. ehehe Having flu because unfortunately, got infected by my neighbor but The Pretty Reckless band always a favourite. ;) and was like, I should do this song. Did a wee bit mistakes in the middle aaand maybe out from the actual pitch? aswell hehe but I hope you guys enjoy.enjoy! 3 ;)

Chris Wilder
Chris Wilder  (over 3 years ago)

It just gave it more character! lol

Working out with new song :)

Some delays going on but I'll finish one of them soon. =) sorry for not blogging for the past months. hehe. ;)

If You Really Want Me (Cover)

Original singer was by the awesome! Marketa Irglova. :) Sorry for the quality and guitar playing. A straight recording from my Samsung Sound Recorder. tehe..

-Dustfingernail- 3

White Dove.

I hope this recorded version sounded okaykedokey for you guys. :) It took two days of composing and a day of writing this song. One take of recording with Guitar. :)

P/S Sorry for the past tense error! ;)

-Dustfingernail- 3

Purple Ally

A song for a long lost friend that I miss super dearly. ;) A day of Composing and writing. An hour of recording. :)

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