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We cant make it ILLEGAL?

The other day I saw a video. A girl was bullying a young girl on the train. She in turn was confronted by an older girl who came to the defense of the victim. this kind of fried my circuits a bit because even though I was glad the girl was no longer bullying the victim. I became disturbed that the bully then became bullied by the older girl. I mean don't get me wrong I got it and the concept behind it, I just wish there would've been less violence. The scare tactic was good but the violence one on one was bad. I want to spread a message to raise awareness about violence. I think the filming for entertainment should be banned. The person filming should be brought up on charges or held liable to be sued for not getting permission to film people. This might reduce some of the violence influenced for entertainment purposes.

Video Violence for Dummies

I don't understand the gobal obsession of using a video phone to record acts of violence. Does the person filming understand the evidence of a crime us being presented? Does the aggressive party/parties not recognize they are incriminating themselves by letting someone film them? Smh. Where are the thinking humans. I done with the animal channels (pun intented).