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Oh, It Has Been Too Long!

Here is the good news - we have been chatting a bit about pulling FTL back together to finish the cd - it is almost halfway completed. Bad news is (and it is still good news) that everyone in the band is busy with exciting projects! David Greenberg is still bassing it up with the Subterraneans...Keith and Doug are rocking out with SRO (Standing Room Only) with Ken...Larry Ross started a band called CRUSH and enlisted Keith and Doug to play with him as well...it is CRAZY BUSY! So stay tuned here - and find SRO, CRUSH, and the Subterraneans on Facebook - also visit www.KeithLennProject.com for what he is up to! Ciao, baby! ---FTL


This is only the second blog since we started the ReverbNation page - we are humbled to be at number 9 - so awesome! FTL is gigging Saturday night at Parkside Tavern in Pearl River (March 30th) and then hopefully we will go back in the studio and work towards finishing this record!

Greetings, again!

Hey everyone - there were some glitches with our first attempt at making a ReverbNation page, so I have scrapped all the old stuff and recreated the page from scratch - this will be our portal to you, the fans, and your portal to FTL. You have absolutely no idea how humbled we are when someone takes the opportunity to listen to one of our songs, watches a video of ours, or comes to a show...it is awesome to think that we are given the opportunity to take you somewhere else...somewhere faster than light...somewhere else...with our music. We love doing what we do and whether you spend just a few seconds listening to us or keep our songs on a loop, we appreciate it! There are lots of good things coming in 2013, hopefully among them the completion of our debut cd...we've already recorded a large chunk of it...but there is much work to be done still! ---FTL