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How In Ear Monitors Saved Our Bacon

One thing we’re striving for, live and in the our garage-turned-studio, is a really polished sound. This isn’t always easy to get, especially when you’re at the mercy of in-house people and equipment that may or may not be working out so well. But we use our own gear whenever we can because the switch to in-ear monitoring has really made a positive difference in our ability to keep volume under control and get the best vocals and overall sound.

While there’s something free and easy about on-stage wedges, they introduce a ton of bleed into the room and seem to lead to everybody turning up over the course of the night to stay heard as the energy increases and things naturally get a little louder. This puts a lot of strain on anyone singing, and sometimes the ears of the audience. Take away all those extra speakers and the sound cleans up considerably. Add in a mixer that provides individual monitor mixes for each band-member (and the ability to control remotely via an ipad) and a good pair of EIMS and you’ve got a custom mix going right to your ears that can honestly sounds as good a a record or cd. It’s pretty wild.

It definitely takes some getting use to and there are some challenges stemming from EIMs. But we’ve found it’s really been worth the effort to get to know them. It means a bit of extra work at shows (micing drums, amps, etc) and some extra cash along the way, but it doesn’t feel wasted.

The payoff for us creatively is that it’s really opening the door to getting confident with 2, 3, and sometimes 4 part harmonies. Being able to hear so clearly only improves the odds of that going as well as want it to as we move forward.

Hello World

Well it's been 2 + years in the making, but here we are. Southbound Pilot has a name and a website and an album-length demo and lots of fresh new material on the way for the next record. It's time to get out there and start sharing it

We want to give our sincerest thanks to all who take even a moment to listen. Comments and feedback are always welcome! If you like what you hear, please help us spread the word. If not, thanks for stopping by just the same.

We've got grand plans to use this blog for occasional posts on our process. Technology makes it a fascinating time to be writing and recording original music, and we've made our share of good choices and bad in the effort to capture a good sound on our demo and at our shows.

Hope it's of interest!