The South has risen again with CONFEDERATE SOLDIER!

BRAZEN ANGEL FANS! The new cd "Confederate Soldier" has been released! At the moment, it is only available on CdBaby, but will soon be available on ITunes and Amazon. We are so proud of this cd, and what we have accomplished on it. When I tell you there is something for everyone, I mean it. No two songs sound the same. The listener will find everything from Power Metal to Southern Rock. It is everything this band is about, and we cannot wait for you to hear it! Stay tuned for further updates on new merchandise as well! Thanks so much for your support, and we will talk to you again soon ! \m/


HEY BRAZEN ANGEL FANS! Wanted to give you guys a quick update on the new album, "CONFEDERATE SOLDIER"! It is in the mixing process at the moment, and will be released MAY 2014! There is something for everyone on this album, and we know you guys will love it!! We also have new merchandise headed your way! And if you have not already, please head on over to our facebook page and give us a "like". Click on the link, and it will get you there! Thanks so much for all your support and we will talk to you again soon!


Confederate Soldier

That is right folks, the new cd will be entitled "Confederate Soldier" with an approximate release date in the Fall of this year. Recording has begun and we look forward to getting some clips out to you guys as soon as possible! We are very excited about the new material, and we hope you are as well! Thanks for your continued support, and we will talk to you soon! \m/

2013 \m/O\m/

2012 was absolutely a great year for Brazen Angel. We played with so many great bands and was able to play the Warriors of Metal festival in Ohio, which we have been asked to do again for 2013. This year will bring a new tour, new merchandise, and dare I say it, a brand new album! We have 12 songs written and ready to go. Some of which we have already been playing live. We promise they will just as melodic, and just as catchy as our previous offerings. Look for another great year from this band! Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate each and every one of you! We will see you soon! Keep those horns held high! \m/

The Angel has returned for 2012

Last year was an amazing year for this band. We released our EP Southern Water to great reviews, and played some unbelievable shows! We finished off the year by opening for the mighty Queensryche. The band continues to grow and our new batch of songs will prove it. The most catchy and melodic songs we have ever written are headed your way! So get ready Angel fans, we are coming your way!

Southern Water cd has been RELEASED!

We have released our new cd Southern Water. The cd comes equiped with 6 songs that will have you rocking! The cd itself comes with multimedia content including "The making of Southern Water", and live videos and photos. The civil war themed artwork was created by bass player for the band, Joey Phillips. Joey also created the artwork for Metal for Eternity. The artwork has many hidden surprises as the viewer can search for many Confederate hidden treasures throughout the cover. These 6 songs stand on their own, each with their own personality. Grab one today and take your drink of the South! \m/

SquidLord  (over 6 years ago)

Might be a good idea to pop in a link to a storefront where the album can be bought in the blog notice. ;)

The Angel is heading to the Carolina's

Hey fans!! We are headed to the Carolina's to play a couple of shows in the first weekend of March. Friday, March 4th we will be at Toyo Bar and Grill in Rockhill, SC. I will post the North Carolina show on March 5th as soon as I get details! See you soon! Keep you horns up high! \m/

An amazing night at The Masquerade

Well we did it, our first cd release party was amazing! We played with some amazing bands and had more in attendance than we thought we would have. We are excited to finally have our cd out now and are excited to play these songs live as much as possible! If you havent seen us live, you need to! Brazen Angel is a band that needs to be experienced live, not just on cd! Thanks to everyone that came out to the show and all the amazing responses we have received! Talk to you soon!

Our debut cd "Metal for Eternity"

After 3 years of writing, recording, and playing these songs, we will FINALLY be releasing our first cd. Our cd will be released August 13th, 2010 and will be avaliable at our shows, and on ITunes and CDBaby. We are very proud of we have accomplished on this cd and are proud to have our very own unique sound. Our cd release party will also be held on August 13th, 2010 at The Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia. It is going to be an amazing night full of amazing metal music. Local bands from around the South will be joining us to give the people an unbelievable night of heavy metal. So keep your eyes and ears open in the coming months and THANK YOU for supporting us! HORNS UP \m/