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My Music

I have written and recorded blues, blues-rock, rock & roll, alternative rock, punk-y rock, Latin rock, jazzy pop, sappy ballads, acoustic instrumentals, and a Native American flute song.


Jamming to "Lucy": Rhythmic Blush (Chuck Smith - rhythm guitar/songwriter; Mat Simpson - drums, Glen Rogers - bass, Sherri - lead guitar)

Warm Up Jam: Rhythmic Blush (Mat Simpson - drums, Glen Rogers - bass/co-writer, Sherri - guitar/co-writer)

Hear My Prayer: Beth Whitbeck - vocals, Susan Reed - bgv's, Sherri - everything else

Steps of Peace, Fresh Start, Es Kon Gait: Sherri - all instruments

The Salad Myth - Mark Schmitz - harmonica

Angel Food: Mark Schmitz - harmonica, Shawn Harnish/Jim Hinrich/Derran Austin - bgv's

Sherri - lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitars on all other songs, plus studio musicians on drums (Art Ralston, Jim Hinrich) and bass (Tim Reed, Scott Andrzejewski, Jamie Walker), with Shawn Harnish on background guitar fills.