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New Album, Guy Clark, Jamey Johnson & More...

Hey Gang -

I know... I know... it's been like 3 months since I have done a blog... well I guess I was just busy waitin' to see if my Braves were gonna make the playoffs... and now that Chipper and the gang have once again fallen short... I am back and ready to chat... or at least blog. :)

So... let's see... the past few months have been slammed with writin', recordin' & giggin'... and for the most part everything has been comin' together nicely! In fact... I am half way done with a brand new album... which I am trying to get finished up & available by Christmas... that's right... Dec. 25th... just in case you didn't know when we celebrate lil' baby Jesus' birthday!

I suppose the biggest news on "my" songwritin' front is that I was lucky enough to land 2 songs on songwriting legend Guy Clark's latest album "Somedays the Song Writes You"... which to me is about as amazing a feat as I could ever imagine... given that Guy Clark is one of the reasons I moved to Nashville to write songs in the 1st place. :)

I have also been writin' with my artist pals like The Eli Young Band, Pat Green, Jason Michael Carroll, Ashley Gearing, Chuck Wicks & Lady Antebellum... so we will have to see if any of those songs make the grade for their upcoming projects!!!

Giggin' has been slow... but this weekend I actually opened up for Jamey Johnson at Joe's Bar in Chicago & next week I am going out to do 4 or 5 shows supporting my ole pal Jason Michael Carroll... in NC & SC... so come check us out!! Other than those upcoming shows... I am planning on a few big CD release shows in places like Charlotte & Columbia and maybe a show or two down in the great nation of Texas! :)

Ok... gotta go.... all the best to everyone... and may you run faster than you ever have and if that is not possible... at least enjoy the pace.

Much Love PD

Gettin' Started...

Hey Guys & Gals -

Well... changes are comin' and they are good changes... I am not only in the process of getting the pages for "My Band", "Reverb Nation" & "Facebook Fan Profile" up and runnin'... but I am also about half way through with what I am hoping will be one hell of a 2nd album, a new website, merch, tour dates and so much more...

It's gonna be a good late 2009 & entire 2010... I just know it... good vibes... good vibes!!! So... Ok... check back here regularly to see what's new & happenin' & thanks so much for your love & support!!

Much Love PD 10/2/09