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Hi all TEN-79' ers, firstly can we start by saying another big thank you to everyone who came along to our gig at The Black Horse in York. We had an absolute blast and hope that you all enjoyed yourselves too. Next, just a quick reminder that we are out again this Saturday paying our first ever visit to The Snooty Fox in Wakefield. We will be performing alongside The Falling Birds an indie Rock band on the UK leg of their 2015 tour. We hope you can all make it along but if not don't worry as our performance will be streamed live and available to watch online. Just head over to snootyfoxlive .co.uk and follow the link. Lastly but equally as exciting we are pleased to announce that our official website has now undergone a complete overhaul and is bang up to date with gig information, the latest gig pictures and music and video samples for your pleasure. We hope you like and would appreciate any feedback. To check it out visit www.Ten-79.co.uk Regards, TEN-79 x

Great Night @ The Black Horse

Thanks to everyone who came along to our gig on Saturday at The Black Horse in York. Your support created a fantastic vibe for us to perform and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Hopefully we should be back again in the New Year so we'll keep you posted. Thanks again you guys were awesome.

TEN-79 x

Latest news and album launch...

Hi TEN79ers

Apologies for the delay in getting an up to date blog out.

Things have been a little bit hectic in the world of TEN-79, of which we will tell you about

We did our final gig with Paul in January, which went fantastic. It was a strange night, as we did half a set with Paul, then the second half of the set with our new guitarist Brian. To finish, we had both up to complete the evening with the last three songs. It then turned into a bit of a good natured guitar battle, with outstanding impromptu solo's from both, which we loved, and the crowd even more.

Paul has gone to France and all is going well. He and the family have been given permission to finally convert the barn into their future abode. So hacksaws and drills at the ready for him for the next year.

We played Manchester for the first time at the Ducie Bridge with our friends Bad Cardigan and Baxter Rhodes. What a cracking little place that is for a gig. We were welcomed with open arms, even though we were from across the Pennines ;) ... We had a great night and were so pleased the way it went. We are hoping to get back there later in the year.

We had a charity gig in April, for the Motorbike Action Group in aid of Macmillan Nurses and for local children, which was a hot, sweaty and great night of music. A lot of money and donated Easter Eggs were raised for both causes, which was fantastic.

We have spent the last couple of months trying to fit in rehearsals and get some new material written. We are now back on track and songs are coming together nicely, ready for the summer season of gigs which we are looking forward to.

Great news on our debut album release:

We have had the artwork originally designed for us by Susan Slann (www.susanslann.com) and are very proud of it. She has summed up exactly what we were looking for. So a massive thank you to her.

Jim has been working hard in getting everything sorted out and ‘Love, Life & Lies’ will be released digitally on 27th June 2014.

This coincides with a gig we have at The Duchess in York, as special guests to The Burning Crows, on their nationwide tour. It was very kind of them to contact and invite us.

The album Love, Life & Lies will be available for download from iTunes, Amazon, Play and all the other usual download sites throughout the world. So get those little fingers ready on the download buttons. We are working on getting some CDs printed as a special edition, but more about that will be announced when we have it all sorted.

So as we are getting ready for the summer season of gigs, we wish you all a great summer, and hopefully see you soon tapping your foot, shaking your heads to the sound of Wally's drumbeats, Jim's driving bass lines and Brian's catchy guitar riffs, oh and Gary doing something with his voice.

Keep Smiling


End of first year report...

Hi to everyone,

It's been a busy and extremely exciting first year for us. We have played to some fantastic crowds in our 2013 musical journey, but we have paced ourselves well, so the knees and hips are in good health and ready for next years’ shenanigans.

Right what have we been up to since our last blog...

Well we headlined the Pocklington Summer Event, which was a major buzz. Our first gig outside with full gear. The PA men were great, and decided we should at least be heard nearly a mile away, so cranked up the volume. No complaints were registered on the day or since. So we take that as a massive compliment.

We then headlined the York VW Air-cooled Event ‘Field of Dreams’ at York Race course. This was in a large marquee, it was very warm but loved the friendly nature of everyone and went down a storm. We were slightly concerned we may not, as we heard they normally just liked cover bands, but the organisers had faith in us and we believe we never let them down. We have already been asked if we will do next year.

We then in September played our first gig at the Flying Man in Pocklington with our very special guests Bad Cardigan, who came over from Blackburn for the night, to help us out with the entertainment, and were absolutely superb. They joined us on stage on our last song and we did a rendition of Rockin’ in the Free World by Neil Young which nearly took the roof off. What a night!

We have also done our bit for Charity, we played at the Winning Post in York for OXJAM with many other artists and had a blast, as well as a few beers with them all and a lot of money was raised for a good cause.

We had been offered quite a few gigs in between our steady program, but had to turn them down due to circumstances beyond our control. Which was a shame, but that's rock 'n' roll.

We returned to The Flying Man on December 7th for a double header gig with Bad Cardigan again and another amazing night. Fans of both bands coming across from Lancashire and even one from Finland. Thank you all so much for the dedication to us both. Cheers Lynne, Rob and Anu. The cakes and wristbands were a really nice touch and greatly appreciated! Oh and didn't we tell you, we've also been in the studio and finished our debut album, due to be released early next year. More news when we finally have a date and everything in order.

One final note before we leave you to your goose, duck, turkey, fish or veggie bake…

VERY IMPORTANT NEWS Paul is leaving the band. There are no rock 'n' roll stories to be told on this. We are all great friends still, but Paul and his family have been offered an opportunity they just couldn't turn down, and we don't blame them one iota. We wish him and his family all the happiness and success in the world for their future journey. With a jug full of jealousy as well from us, sorry we mean a jug full of love.

Paul’s place in the band has been filled by Brian Hartington, who we have been very lucky to find. A warm welcome to the band Brian - we’re all very much looking forward to working with you! Paul has been fantastic in showing him the bizarre ways he plays some of the songs, which has helped the transition. Still being able to work all together has been a privilege and shows what we all stand for. No Ego's Just Music.

May we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year.

See you in 2014.

Keep smiling

Gary, Jim, Paul, Wally and Brian

New Recordings and Summer Festival Dates...

Hi All,

Just a quick update of what's been happening in the world of TEN-79.

The Hodgsons gig in Beverley on 1st June was a cracker. All of us had a great time and giggle. It was lovely seeing all the kids enjoying themselves at the front. How they fitted in forward rolls to the beat of 'Wayside' we'll never know, but it was a spectacle to behold, and their air guitars sublime. On the 9th of June we went into Fairview studios again and had a great day. We got down the four tracks we wanted to do, keeping our live feel to them. We've already released 'Hollow Town' and 'Screaming Inside My Head' to stream on Reverbnation. The next song 'Home Now' will be released on June 6th followed by 'Let's Pretend' on June 20th Thanks to John and Andy again for all their hard work. We will be going into the studio in the next couple of months again to record some more tracks for the forthcoming debut album, due for release later this year.

Jim is at present working hard on getting our tracks up on iTunes, Spotify and a few other sites. He is our Tech man, and the man who understands the in-depth relationship between, copper wires and fibre optic in the valley neon lights and bleeping crescendo's. Wally is still working on the logistics of how best to pack the van for gigs (was tempted to say space, time and equilibrium but thought I'd leave it out this time) whilst pondering over whether or not to have his golden locks cut off, they are actually ash blond, (grey to everyone else!) Paul is slavering over his new guitar and wondering which songs it would enhance most, whilst reminiscing over the days when he did have long hair, and didn't have to wear a hat to keep warm. Gary is still debating with himself over ways to lose his beer belly and doing nothing about it, whilst still believing he is 25 when he most definitely is not.

We have an interesting week next week; on the 26th June we have been entered into 'Search for a Star' in Hull. This should be a good laugh as we are the only band on that evening, so might have to crank up the volume for effect. On the following Sunday we are playing in a studio night at Pocklington Arts Centre. It is for all the young and talented people of Pocklington to showcase their talent; we are on last for a 20 minute set. We have distinct feeling, we may just be the eldest ones there, but hey ho, we are young at heart and are really looking forward to it.

On the 27th July we are headlining the Pocklington Summer Event, which we are really pleased about and there are some other cracking acts on as well. www.facebook.com/events/387114951397452/?fref=ts

On the 30 August, we are playing the VW Aircooled Festival at York Racecourse; we are the headline act on the Friday night so we are really excited about that one. www.facebook.com/VWFieldOfDreams?fref=ts

We have some other gigs lined up but not all are confirmed as yet, so we will keep you posted

Well that's enough from us for the time being

Keep smiling


Debut Gig and Minster FM.....

Hi everyone, we thought it only fair to give you an update on how things are going for the band.

On Sunday 14th April we got our first radio play, Rick Witter (Lead Singer with Shed Seven) played 'Wayside' on Minster FM as his 'Demo of the Week' which was a great, considering we had only submitted it in mid-March and were warned there was a large backlog of tracks for him to go through. But he chose us. Thank you Rick.

Our debut gig at Victoria Vaults in York on Saturday 27th April went brilliantly; the nerves were rattling through our veins at the beginning, which we transferred into adrenalin. A great crowd turned out, a lot more people turned up than we expected for our first gig. Fans travelled all the way from Manchester and Hull to see us, as well as the surrounding areas of York. We can't thank them enough for their support as well as the fans on Reverbnation who keep playing our songs.

We opened with 'Passing on Passion' and in a crackle from a distortion peddle, our first 40 minute set was over.

We opened the second set with 'The Gathering', cranked up the volume and from then on, well, basically took the roof off. We powered through our second set and the crowd responded with great enthusiasm and noise. Before we knew it, 50 minutes had passed and we had finished, dripping with sweat and massive smiles. Then the noise got louder for an encore, we looked at each other, the crowd made it obvious what they wanted, we belted into 'Wayside'. Gary though, had to do it at the end of the song, no not like the recording on Reverbnation where there is a double ending of the chorus, he had us doing it four times which summed up our evening. Many times better than we ever expected.

We have a busy summer ahead by the look of it; we are playing the Springboard Festival in Cottingham near Hull (at The Black Prince) on Sunday 26th May. Kick-off is at 7.20pm. It’s only a half hour set, but we are determined to prove our worth. Then on Saturday 1st June, we are playing our own gig at Hodgsons Bar in Beverley. It's a bit of a homecoming for Wally. This is a special gig for all family, friends and fans alike to get together and have a great evening.

So that is just a quick update, will drop a new update after the Hodgsons Gig and tell you of more exciting gigs in the pipeline.

Thank you for all your support and let’s keep music real and live.

Tell your friends, enemies, family and anyone who's got your ear to have a butcher’s at our music.

Keep Smiling TEN-79

The story so far …... PART 1

TEN-79 was formed over the concept that there should be no egos just a massive addiction to write and play original music, and a sprinkling of covers, and enjoy every moment of the process. The love of music was the seed. We want to produce music that sounds as good recorded as it does live - as captured on our recent recordings, thanks to John Spence and Andy Newlove at Fairview Studios.

The Story So Far... Gary and Paul met at work over a conversation about acoustic guitars. Gary loves the sound of the acoustic and wanted to do something rocky with it. Paul, a man of many talents, had for the past ten years been playing acoustic and mandolin in the folk duo Six Penny Wake. He'd played at Glastonbury twice and now he wanted to do something heavier and rockier. Gary had been in a band called Rose Underpass late 80's early 90's. And so the foundations for TEN-79 were laid.

This duo was called Bozimaku, an old English Yorkshire term for Kiss my Arse, according to Google anyway. Bozimaku played at a few drunken BBQ's in the summer of 2011 and at Gary's son's 18th Birthday party that December. This went pretty well, except for the group of drunken 18 year old females who drowned the PA equipment in vodka and nearly caused an electrical black out. But Gary and Paul decided they needed more than an electric and acoustic guitar, they needed volume. They needed a bass player and a drummer.

TEN-79 the story so far …... PART 2

And so the search began for the final two pieces of the jigsaw. A lovely man and bass player called Mike was interested, he liked the sound of Bozimaku even from poor Dictaphone recordings he heard. He came to a rehearsal, everyone got on great, but then he dropped the bombshell that he'd got a job working away. To soften the blow, he told us of a friend of his, Jim, who was a bass player and said he would ask him if he was interested.

Six weeks went past before Jim finally turned up for the initial rehearsal. In walked sixty-four foot six of a man; Manchester/Indie style. Then he started to play his bass. He came straight in with driving and punchy bass riffs from the very beginning. Gary and Paul knew he was the right man for the job and were delighted that Jim decided he wanted to join them. Jim had been in a band called Emergency Exit a couple of years earlier, and wanted to get back into playing again, missing the adrenalin which comes with the live performance.

Paul advertised on Gumtree to see if we could get any joy with a drummer. Two drummers answered. First, a great bloke called Ali, so everyone met at his house to have a rehearsal and see how it went. Everything was fine but there was something missing, which no one could put their finger on. Wally turned up the next week, with his long ash blond hair, a chilled demeanour and a great sense of humour. We knew he was right even before he'd hit a drum. And, when he did, yes he was loud, he kept time and he felt every emotion of every song. The evening flew past in a flash as though we'd always been together. The lads were over the moon when Wally declared he would like to be a part of the band. Wally had been in some local bands, but hadn't done anything for a while, he also had the urge to get out there and play.

And so TEN-79 was formed. If you're wondering about where we got our name, the answer is quite simple really.

We wanted it catchy as well as memorable; 'Captain Marble and his Synchronised Watches' wouldn't really suit, nor would anyone remember it. We wanted something that brought us all together and, after cogitating for a while, we realised the A1079 is what brings us all together; the road we all travel on to meet. The connection between us.

One important thing about the name though, there is no The in TEN-79 What makes TEN-79 work is the different flavours of music each member brings. Gary is a U2 and The Alarm fan, Paul a big Led Zeppelin and Captain Beefheart fan, Jim a The Charlatans and Stone Roses Fan, and Wally just likes music From The Killers to erm Johnny Mathis. And that mix is why it works GL