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New Youtube video under "Robertsteffenmusic"


Live Collage by Simon Freeman with little brother Chad on drums.


Press Releases describe the music "Bucks County Herald" -PA. 4/6/06 "I'd like to think it's uplifting. I hope it's going to provide hope for some people. It provides hope for me"

-lead singer robert on describing the unique sound of the band.

riversergo Bryan Howland, Griffin Publishing "Roberts music is always unique,soulful, and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, Riversergo is a breath of fresh air in new music".

demo Ron Budina, Rainbofish ..."Roberts singing on "Shantideva"is mesmerizing.Definately want to hear more of this style of songwriting"...

"center of the world was.." Anya Prushnikova ~Veselka ..."Center of the World was like having pancakes with raspberries :)..and maple syrup:)!"

roberts music Darius Gottlieb, Master Cellistartbliss.com .."Roberts music is complex, lovely,diverse,fascinating,multi-chordal,melodically at its best extraordinarily compelling"...