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Sovereignty Of Passions Reality

Working on ones will in life, destiny lets say, the word sovereign is the forgotten. Lets remember the push for what isn't yours to begin with to give is insanity. The sovereignty of this life is the reality. Don't push let go and be where the ships fall. Happiness and peace will be waiting if you choose. Keep it moving forward yes! Strive! But its the truest form of passion that leads to the right opportunity, and path, of the sovereign place of peace! Which is???? wait for it...... ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU! Live Life Love to Inspire! Scooter Page

Spiritual Awareness

Want to share the gift thats been shared with me! This is Spiritual Awareness! I may not always listen lol but, (just saying) while I was thinking on the next steps that need to be taken in this amazing blessing that is "Scooter Page" I heard a voice ever so softly say "This is not yours" Now I remember back to the way everything was unfolding and where its all manifested from, which is love, humility and fearlessness... I then got another word that said "go back to that" hmmmm?? Walked out side and written across the street on a bin were the words "Its Not Yours" Now its my balcony and I have been out there several times that day and never once saw the "florescent Orange" writing saying "Its Not Yours" Yes it was there but those moments weren't "Spiritually Aware" moments... My mind was clouded and focused on other miscellaneous things. I got chills up and down my body and then automatically realized....I have stepped ever so slightly off the course that was given. The gift of music and the art of expression is given to be received as a blessing of awareness for others and not just the artist involved. Message here is be still listen and act when the words of wisdom are given. There given freely so you my also give freely!! Unselfishly lived is a hearts fulfillment received! Live Life Love to Inspire and please don't be afraid to smile :)

I Miss Home (NOT!)

Every door that closes gets you closer to the right one opening!! Believe it! Sometimes you have to take yourself out of your own comfort zone to realize that that comfort was really a discomfort to your mind body and soul. We as humans want everything but often times, don't want to do the very things that need to be done to achieve. We like to talk about he said she said, he's this and he's that, they think and she thinks.... but, all that misguided chatter way of life is doing nothing but exhausting your spirits chances of really moving within. This blocks your spirit from alerting you to the right path that you should travel. Severe mind blockage! Take your self out of the rat race of the norm! Allow yourself the freedom from your own mental traps, and those old manipulated ways you were taught to think be and act. This of course will lead your mind down a place of improvement filled with determination and inspiration. There you will truly find the words being spoken aren't spears but suggestions of hope and love to build up and not tear down. "Check out the New Summer Joint "I MISS HOME (NOT!)" Streaming Now, Available for Purchase June 2013! LIVE LIFE & LOVE! Enjoy and keep ROCKIN'!