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We jammed at RJ's Bob-B-Q last Night - lots of fun - Yeah!

Free song download

Hi - anyone can download my song "Fever - Just for You" (free) and I have a youtube music video http://youtu.be/UQXTAgSQpi8 (3 music videos up there) - and my reverbnation.com/aaajparker store now has my CD/album, t-shirts, ringtones, and many individual song downloads - thanks J Parker

Music Videos

I put 2 music videos on youtube - Power of the Blues http://youtu.be/DPlioDOFs-w and Have You Heard http://youtu.be/sfZdqfSXg3U - also available at ReverbNation.com/aaajparker - let me know if you like them - thanks - J Parker

Power of the Blues

I put my first music video on Youtube today - Power of the Blues by J Parker - its also available at ReverbNation.com/aaajparker - please check it out - thanks

Power of the Blues

Please listen to my new song - "Power of the Blues" - written by J Parker (jpc) at ReverbNation.com/aaajparker

Let Me In (by jpc)

“My song "Let Me In" is now available at ReverbNation.com/aaajparker - thanks”

J Parker - blues grooves recording fun

Hi - I'm J Parker - I've uploaded one song "Sweet Baby" so far at ReverbNation -- and there will be many more soon - so please check out my songs - I would love to hear your feedback - or just chat here - thanks