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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 20"Sweet"16! We are so excited about the up coming year. Lots of cool stuff on the horizon. We got new gigs, new songs and......a new CD on the way! I know I've been saying it for quite a while but really, this is THE year! Stay tuned....

The Crossings Brew Pub

We want to thank everyone who came out to support us at our first gig at the Crossings Brew Pub. We had so much fun with you all and can't wait to come back!

New Song: All For You

I'm so excited to have written a new song recently, titled ALL FOR YOU. Can't wait to play it live! Maybe even at this week's show at The Stomping ground!

Stomping @ the Stomping Ground

We're gearing up for a great show this Wed. July 1st at the Stomping Ground in Putnam, CT. Have new tunes and new instruments to play for you! Can't wait to rock!

New Songs Coming Soon!

We've been working hard mixing some songs for our CD but its going to pay off....i keep telling myself!

Live @ Oak Hill Tavern this Friday Jan. 16

Baby it's cold outside but we're going to heat things up for you this Friday @ Oak Hill Tavern Come loose you low down frigid Blues!

Happy New Year!!!

WOW! Another year has come and gone. Well, i know I've said it before but THIS year is THE year. That's right. We're gonna make it happen. Lots of music for you , lots of fun for all! New songs, new recordings...dare I say, a CD in the works? Stay tuned for the latest.... from our lips to your ears! Cheers! Tex & Yo

New Tunes!

Been working on some new tunes! Can't wait to play them live this weekend at our gig.

Fun Times!

What a great weekend! Lots of family and a cool gig at Oak Hill tavern. Had a blast!!!

New Song Coming!

Been working on a new song that I hope to record and release in the next couple of weeks. Now, if only my cold will go away so that I can!